Dec 1, 2023

The Barbershops Of Allentown's Past

I was never a frequent patron, but one of my reoccurring photographic interests was barbershops. Although Allentown now has more barbershops than ever, mine are from a different era. Some of the shops still exist, although the name and clientele has changed. Shown above is the former K&K, on S. 6th Street.*

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ADDENDUM: This post first appeared on this blog in 2013. With the proliferation of many local history facebook groups, including my own Allentown Chronicles, I see much subject matter I covered years ago now being repeated by others.  So, even at the risk of seeming less than original, I still repost older images for the benefit of new readers.

* my photograph is from 1996.  The building no longer exists.


  1. The barbershop of the past were youth mentoring tools that didn't involve govment non profits specializing in scimming monies for personal gain. One such institution even built a gym with there own personal monies. Now it's the grant grab specialists that own the property that basically sits vacant and blighted real property.

  2. I remember Abe’s in the unit block of I believe Ridge Avenue

  3. Wasn't there a nice newstand next to that shop? I got my haircut in there once. A really nice Asian fellow back in the late 90's. I love your blogs about the barbershops. Best one was the one on Hamilton St by the monument. That shop had wash stands by ever chair. The money to originally build that shop must have been tremendous. All quality materials in those shops. Nothing today could compare to them. Thanks for posting this.

  4. My Uncle Joe had a barbershop on 7th down from Cedar all his life... started in the front first floor and later, he dug the cellar out by hand and moved the shop there till he retired in his late 80s. He would give "house calls" when his clients became incapacitated and never charged a premium... he was a real gem!!!
    Does anyone remember the barbershop that was in the basement (I think) of the Americus Hotel??? The Americus was almost a one stop shopping venue at one time.

  5. The barbershop you are referring to was next to Wally's New. The nice Asian man was named Tang .

  6. The fellow who ran the Barbershop back in the 90’s to about the early 2000’s, his name was Tang. He was an interesting fellow! Was an immigrant from Vietnam, who actually helped the American forces in battling the Communist North Vietnamese. Still had a fragment from a bullet still lodged in his leg that bothered him. Raised a family by cutting hair. Always played Classical Music in his shop. Wonder if he still lives? Wally’s New’s stand was next door. Wally Herman and his wife Mary along with there two daughters ran it for many years. They had loyal workers that helped in the running of the business. A gentleman named Karl sold the lottery tickets and ran the cash register in the AM. In the afternoon, a fellow named Harry ran the newsstand till closing time around 11:00 or 12:00 at night. The Who’s Who of Allentown used to stop in there to get their papers and cigarettes… back in the day!