Nov 9, 2022

My Vote For Oz

I'm not much for making endorsements. When I do so, I usually limit it to one person. For yesterday's election, I promoted Mehmet Oz. Besides for those inflicted with partisanship, there was little to really compare between the two candidates.  

Fetterman's government experience was nominal, with mayorship of a small town of only 1,700 people, and a lieutenant governorship, where he was known mostly as a no-show. His hoodie sweatshirt image garnered him many more followers than his actual experience.

While Democrats tried to besmirch Oz for his television show, he was previously a renowned heart surgeon, especially qualified to understand our country's health care issues. His family's middle eastern background has familiarized him with many issues in foreign policy. 

Although the polls had the race neck and neck, partisanship and the hooded sweatshirt seems to have carried the day for Fetterman. Besides reinforcing Pennsylvania's blue image, the result provides no encouragement to Trump...That's the up side to this unfortunate result.

photocredit:Red Bokeh Society


  1. The election of Fetterman is a glaring view of the state of politics in this country. It is not about competence, policy or world experience, it is about personalities, image and even hiring the handicapped.
    The decline of this country will continue.
    As for Trump, his policies were right on for the long term health of the country, but perceptions and image seem to be more important than problem solving and results..

  2. Oz was never right for Pennsylvania. He was running for senator from (fill in the blank). It could have been Pennsylvania, or it could have been Nebraska. His support of Trump was more liability than asset. Now there’s a big 8 bedroom house on 34 acres for sale in Montgomery County, but buyer beware- it’s tough to find crudité and vodka out here.

  3. With all the problems we're having in this country: gas / diesel / inflation / allowing illegal aliens / giving money to Ukraine / giving money for student loans .... the list goes on and on. Yet it seems like the American public doesn't care. We have a senile PTOUS, a do-nothing VP, and they elect a stroke victim to the senate.

    I believe this is a defining moment for the US. And we're not going in the right direction.

  4. Let's investigate which party is partisan, the Democrats proved last night they would vote for a radical slob who never held a real job in his life, chased a black man with a shotgun because he suspected him of a crime, has and continues to advocate the release of convicted murders from jail, and who demonstrated just two weeks ago he was severely cognately impaired and would not release his medical records. Meanwhile analysis of yesterday's vote reveals a lot of Republicans split their tickets because they didn't like the Republican candidate for governor or US senate. So again, which party has a problem with partisanship?

  5. They also elected a dead man for PA Representative.

  6. NEWSFLASH!!! Fetterman stated, unequivocally, he WAS going to win!!! And rather emphatically at that!!! Do ya think he knew something we didn't??? But, nah, NO cheating going on here... nothing to see... MOVE ALONG!!! WHAT A CROCK our elections have become!!!! Take a gander at some of the other states... such shenanigans!!! And boobus americans buy it all, hook, line and sinker!!! Maybe we deserve what we get!!!
    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!!! God bless us all....

  7. anon@5:55: Dr. Oz graciously conceded today, and released the following message “We are facing big problems as a country and we need everyone to put down their partisan swords and focus on getting the job done. With bold leadership that brings people together, we can create real change.”
    apparently anon 5:55 did not get the message

    1. Yes, Mr. Mike, I definitely received the message(s) loud and clear!!! As long as we have folks doing what;s good for THEM, we are moving backwards at light speed. Our "politicians" of today would be like a mechanic that didn't want to do grease jobs and oil changes.... tooooo dirty... but changing light bulbs and wiper blades... OK... OH, and they still want the full pay and benefits!!! I always thought if you did half the job, you deserved HALF the pay... and if you did it to better yourself..... YOU'RE FIRED!!!!
      Do the job... do the right thing!!! PERIOD!!!
      PS: I'm still pissed you didn't become our Mayor!!!!!!!!! 95% of the current bovine scat would NEVER have occurred...

  8. America is doomed!😬