Nov 8, 2022

Cry For The New York Times

There was a time when the NYT was synonymous with journalism...When people repeated the slogan All The News That's Fit To Print.  On the Sunday before the election, when the Times now leads off with the headline that the future of democracy itself is at sake this election (if the Republicans win), their days of journalism are over, and they have become just another tabloid.  Perhaps more sophisticated than most, but a tabloid nevertheless.

In today's world of Twitter and paywalls, headlines have much more significance. For many, they are the news. In fairness to the Times, quality old school journalism may be an extinct commodity. 

Once the ultra wealthy bought sports teams, now they buy newspapers and social media. Apparently, new gauges are needed to measure the quality of today's journalism. 


  1. The NYT and Washington post are no more than arms of the globalists and democrat party.
    But there is some hope in that there is a vast system of alternative sources from podcasts and other information outlets that are being used more and more by the younger citizens who are developing a habit of listening to many voices and nurturing the ability to sort out the truth from the spin.
    We see that most print media is going to evaporate in the near future. The youth generation will never buy a newspaper. Much of the mainstream media is going in the same direction.
    Many of the youth no longer even listen to the radio,but engage in streaming Joe Rogan and others while they drive.
    Facebook which was the darling of youth has lost 75% of its value in recent time, much of it is by the revelations of them manipulating, censoring and engaging in political partisanship.
    Most of the mainstream media is self destructing, because without truth, they are have no value.

    1. Agree! The business of reporting news, that is, describing events that happened without shaping the account with some biased commentary is over. Today, everything is weaponized to sway reader opinion in favor of one political view over another.

      A key part of biased news “reporting” is to actually NOT REPORT anything that doesn’t fit the narrative of the company. Censorship is very real. A most recent example is the effort to promote violent acts against just Democrats candidates. Readers/viewers are not shown similar acts upon Republican candidates, of which there have been many. Same for hiding significant accounts of voter fraud during the 2020 elections. There really WAS enough fraud to change election outcomes in certain contests.

      I try to cut through all of this bias by relying on smaller, independent news services. There are some very reliable sources out there using the internet, usually displaying direct evidence, actual documents, etc. Coming closest to the truth takes more time, though.

      Our own Morning Call is an example of untrustworthy reporting and opinion shaping in most everything it chooses to offer its readers. If one limits their knowledge to just what they find in the Morning Call they are most likely being misled. I’m still a subscriber but I find very little straight news there. The Morning Call is heavily propagandized and should be taken with some skepticism. It should also be embarrassed by its own behavior.