Oct 11, 2022

Messaging Mayor Matt

Mayor Tuerk, 

                    First off, forgive me using English, but even if I knew it, Spanish wouldn't be appropriate for this post.  The local Hispanics are very flattered by all the attention you're bestowing upon them, and as you well know, they're 53% of Allentown's population.  But, this post concerns the other 47%, who aren't flattered by the pandering, but concerned with quality of life issues and your priorities. 

In fairness to the Hispanics, there are those among them less flattered than you may hope, and also upset with crime, littering, double parking and other problems of life here in Allentown.

I think that it's time, and perhaps would even be politically expedient, for you to metaphorically take off the sombrero and put on an Allentown cap.  Although you may think that I'm the only one not enchanted, you would be mistaken...I'm just more outspoken.  While people care about their culture, they moved here for their quality of life, and that should be the administration's priority here in Allentown.


  1. Make Allentown Great Again, once the All American City 1976 now a third world burio in all the downward spiral like the big flush.

  2. Question: Do you know where that photo was taken? I can't tell if it's in the city or not.

    Also, does the Mayor usually wear sombreros? Wouldn't that be some sort of cultural appropriation?

  3. Matt, lacking imagination and real leadership skills is following the standard Democratic template of pandering to various minorities hoping to gain majority support. This strategy was used by colonialists who empowered the previously unempowered against the previously emplowered majority to gain and maintain local support and control. It was a cynical and devisive strategy then and remains so today. It does not unite but devides and turns government into a corrupt spoils system. But, what's new?

  4. I heard our mayor is not on the best of terms with APD. Seems their philosophies differ.

  5. I'm reluctant to host an anonymous comment on such a consequential topic. I would hope that both the mayor and APD are on the same page about needing more officers, and strict enforcement.