Oct 12, 2022

Morning Call Headlines

It's no secret nowadays that headlines are clickbait... I confess to occasionally succumbing to the temptation here on this blog. I've noticed that most of the election headlines in the Morning Call are more often than not favorable to Democratic candidates. In the Morning Call the consequences of the clickbait are more severe than elsewhere, because they have a dwindling subscriber base and such a strong paywall...So very often the headline ends up being the message.

With that in mind, when the paper recently asked Dean Browning for clarification of the gay black man tweet*, he should have seen what was coming.  I have known Dean for many years... He's very white and ungay.  He may however be a little naive concerning media, especially the Morning Call.

* In the article Browning does explain the controversial tweet...who actually said it (a gay black man from Philadelphia), and how it became associated with Browning's twitter feed.

ADDENDUM 9:30AM: I was contacted this morning by the Morning Call  wanting to know why I reprinted their article from 2020 without revealing that it was a reprint?  I didn't notice that the story was dated 2020 when I read it YESTERDAY on MCALL.   THE REAL QUESTION NOW BECOMES WHY DID THEY REPRODUCE A TWO YEAR OLD STORY NOW, RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION?

ADDENDUM 4:00PM: The Morning Call states that [they] didn't reprint or repost that article. It appeared on the home page because it was trending yesterday in Google Search for some reason and those stories get pulled automatically into the collection where it appeared. No one posted that purposely and if [they] had known it was there, [they] would have had it taken down.

I would think that they wouldn't want their MCALL homepage dictated by Google.


  1. A comment made in jest, now dug up by the morning call, interesting that they never seem to dig up anything negative on their democrat buddies. Must be desperation time, Browning must be winning, as he should. He is the most qualified for this job. No talk of qualifications or experience just same old social bull shit. Obviously they have nothing else.

  2. I’m not familiar with the incident you describe but certainly agree the failing Morning Call is a garbage merchant. The Morning Call and it’s few remaining opinion writers have been on a mission to promote this radical liberal Democrat Party.

    Once you see how biased and untrustworthy, how misleading, and how politically weaponized the Morning Call attempts to be, it loses its worth to this community. There are far better information sources out there, and free of charge, too.

    I’m still a full subscriber as I have been for more than 50 years. More a customer of habit, but no longer a student of its words. I keep thinking it will be sold off to better managers but, really, if it dies it will have been at its own hand.

    1. You're wasting a lot of money there. After my last attempt to restart a partial subscription (at their solicitation), and discovering that they had no carrier to make the delivery, and then getting a refund was like pulling teeth, my only purchase is the Sunday edition for $1.25 at the local dollar store.

  3. Dean's Democratic opponent Nick Miller has gone into the gutter with his latest mailer paid for by the state Democratic Committee. It libels Dean with the ugly false allegation that he made a racist comment about Black women. They provide no attribution because there can't be one. He never said any such thing. They are simply making up slurs and slanders and sending them out as mailers. Honor, integrity, judgement are important qualities in any person but are vital in those seeking and holding elective office. Nick Miller has demonstrated a complete lack of any of these. What he see instead is a grasping desire to win by using the gutter. While politics has always been a nasty business and not for the faint of heart it always had it's limits of decency, Nick has choses to ignore these and instead employ slander. clearly Nick Miller prefers to run on false and ugly smears than on the issues.

  4. I saw a copy of the Morning call the other day. I was amazed. the paper is smaller in width. and only had a few pages. It is dead. It is a dead paper pretending to be alive.

  5. I wholly agree with Mr. Armstrong's comments on Nick Miller. I don't think he knows of or has any real issues to discuss, He seems to just want to win the election. Typical narcissistic character, win at any cost, just win. He did well on the schoolboard, eh? "Abandon ship Nick." I doubt it will be the last time.