Oct 8, 2022

Surviving Hurricane Ian

Michael Adams and I became acquainted about fifteen years ago. Although he's more to the left and greener than me, we became comrades in arms about local government. For many years Michael resided in the Parkway's Log & Stone House, until he was inappropriately evicted by Pawlowski for revenge and vengeance. That inequity was covered by this blog. Michael landed on his feet in paradise, Pine Island Florida to be exact. Things were very well until hell descended upon him, his significant other, and their pets ten days ago. They live on the northern tip of Pine Island or ground zero.

Michael Adams reports:                                                          Many people evacuated but a significant number of hard core Island people stayed. They are a tough, resilient and generous people. 
We were dead on the X ring in the center of the eye. Storm surge 3.5 ft. Wind speed down our lane, 154 mph.  
After the bashing of the first half and the super-natural calm and beauty of the eye we thought, okay, we can take another round. The third and fourth quarters will be survivable. Then came the here-to -fore unimaginable winds following the eye wall and the storm surge flowing up the lane and suddenly we were IN the Gulf of Mexico. Our stilt house was rocking like a ship at sea. 
One wall is gone, another hanging on by a thread. Shingles gone. Roof itself intact. It will take an engineer to determine any structural damage. Plumbing kaput. Electricity shot. 
The first time we saw the Red Cross was today.(Saturday Oct. 8) We have not seen FEMA. The Sheriff and Fire Department were MIA for over 72 hours and largely absent for several more days after.
A bunch of youngish veterans coalesced around the gun shop and a couple of small, independent Christian groups set up immediately and and started bringing in a stream of supplies of all sorts, water, hot meals, tarps and all sorts of material by boat. It was utterly extraordinary. I’m talking about tons of food, water and supplies.generators, gasoline, propane….….hot food!
On day six or so the firefighters dropped off the MREs. Publix’s ferried out employees and opened after a week with free ice. The road link to the mainland has been restored and a convoy of semis has arrived with high line poles. Police and rescue teams from as far away as Nebraska. 

Michael Adams is a native Allentonian and was a well known community activist throughout the valley.  His friends and family are grateful that he is healthy enough to report on this ordeal.

photo from Michael Adams


  1. Thank You Micheal M, Wow!! That was some storm....Our son and his girl friend were in Orlando at Disney on the outer edges with 85 mile an hour winds, and lots of rain...We lost contact with them that Wed. thru Sat. morning...They are home safe and sound now.....PJF

  2. Good to hear you “weathered the storm”, Mike. Best wishes for community healing and rebuilding of homesteads on Pine Island.
    Bob Sperling

  3. Mike Adams is a resilient guy who has faced challenges from man, beast and nature and has lived to tell the tale. He tells it straight as he experiences it and you can count on him in the clutch.When the final chapter is written on Mike,it will show that he was a man of adventure with a sharp mind and a big heart.

  4. The name Mike Adams harken back to a far better Allentown than what we have today. Unlike today's leaders and so call community organizers Mike was all about the mission not himself. Good to hear from you Mike, but personaly I would have gotten the Hell out of the way of that hurricane. Glad you are okay.