Sep 25, 2018

Allentown's Big One

Allentown is like Fred Sanford, waiting for the big one.  Redd Foxx played Fred, a junkman, who whenever stressed, was expecting the big heart attack, which would join him with his deceased wife.

The Morning Call has been speculating that perhaps ADP is the new Reilly tenant that will finally revitalize downtown....that ADP might be the big one.  Reilly doesn't have to count his baby chicks,  the Morning Call does that for him.

There will be more people walking around during lunch hour,  but besides that, don't expect much.  There is no vibe in center city to motivate anybody to stay there beyond their work hours.  Each new building by Reilly has less architectural merit than the preceding blue glass box.

The only excitement will be in the Morning Call articles, describing the big one.


  1. Allentown has been a magnet for Spanish speakers for 40+ years. The population has changed.
    7th street caters to the new Spanish population. It appears successful and vibrant with lots of activity.
    The Promenade area seems vibrant too by catering to suburban whites. Lots of new offices, hotels, etc.
    Morning Call seems to ignore this area.
    Stealing public money from white suburbia to build their white fort in the middle of a Spanish city is like asking us in Pennsylvania to keep repaying for millionaires summer homes on the ocean everytime mother nature destroys them with a hurricane.
    It's not nice to fool mother nature.

    1. Oh poor baby. Poor white man. What happened to all the white only towns on the outskirts? Why are they dying? Let me guess the spanish speaking people did it?

  2. The latest building approved is down right ugly. As bad as the annex of Allen high. They both will look like building composed of material left over from other jobs.

  3. Reilly's Allentown. Boring boxes of glass and steel.. full of cubes of workers in white shirts doing their Dilbert tasks, going to lunch in expensive bistros that come and go as fast as you can blink your eye... Then 5:00 comes and they dissapear to wherever they came from.. leaving Hamilton Street to the cops and cameras.. as even the street people don't bother to go there because they know they'll be arrested for breathing the air outside of the Hamilton or Dime....

    Oh there are beer festivals and old car gatherings occasionally.. organized by someone.. to give the city a character like a plasticville U.S.A. Christmas putz around the tree.

    The only thing left of the downtown I remember is the PP&L Building and the Monument...

  4. Oh, one other thing. Just what is the business plan for the Lehigh Valley Trust Building? Who is suppsed to go into that ? All that money spent on a place for yuppies to drink wine and say ohhh and ahhh at a skylight in the roof?

    What a waste of taxpayer money............. that is the most idiotic idea of all downtown.......

  5. Maybe your bigot stories aren't helping matters. Funny how a man can write only negative posts, and sit back and wonder what is happening. Where are your great people you are trying to tap into? Let me guess, it's the minorities fault.

  6. Thanks speedster for providing us fresh evidence of the vacuous, hateful nature of today's Democratic Party. I think a Republican is eating in a restaurant downtown, why don't you get a mob organised to harass the threaten them there?

  7. First of all, to be correct with math the minorities in Allentown are now the old white people. It is not boggoted to recognize facts.
    The spanish speaking corridor of 7th street looks pretty active commercially. Not so many for lease signs. Looks like they are catering to the city dwellers. Even makes sense.
    On the other hand, the city center builders are stealing from ALL the taxpayers to build their white only fort in a sea of spanish speakers.
    Build whatever you want. Just don't steal tax money from the spanish speakers and everybody else to build your white fort.
    They should use their own damn money.

  8. speed@8:34, there is nothing remotely bigoted about this post. your comment is once again offensive.

  9. The current rage is food trucks. The downtown workers don't eat in the fancy restaurants.

    Same for tap rooms - they only sell beer - but right out in their parking lots are regularly scheduled food trucks. It's much cheaper for everyone.


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