May 29, 2017

Trump And The Pope

Facebook was ablaze last week with old pictures of the Pope smiling with Barack Obama, but frowning with Donald Trump. Even Bill White ran the picture on his facebook page, and asked for captions. My submitted caption was at least you didn't call the Pope dour. Of course, in the real world there were plenty of pictures of Pope Francis smiling with the Trumps.

As a Jew,  it's nice to say nice things about the Pope, but I have a problem with him recently. Last month when he visited Egypt, he told the Christians there that they should forgive the Muslims for the church bombings.  On Friday morning terrorists shot up a bus, killing another 28 Coptic Christians. Although forgiveness might be a holy reaction, it along with the fear of being labeled Islamophobic, won't increase anybody's security.

 In a Trump bash full of contradictions, CNN's website on Friday blamed Trump for not being forthright enough in his speech in Saudi Arabia. They said he should have mentioned the chaos in Libya, Yemen and Syria. If they know that, they should realize that a travel ban from those areas might have some merit. However, they would rather be contridictory, than support any idea from the Trump administration.


Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Obama and the pope share the same Marxist ideology. It seems that is what either unites or divides the world still.

Dave said...

All the media is concerned about these days is Russia, Russia, Russia.

Whatever Trump accomplishes in Foreign Affairs, as well as Domestic Affairs is simply of no interest to them. It's a diversion from Trump and Russia, which is what Hillary Clinton blames for her election loss

doug_b said...

Caption: Godfather Part III

ironpigpen said...

Poor Bill White. He could be writing intellectual pieces thoughtfully reflecting upon what European NATO members actually paying their fair share (i.e., getting their own skin in the game, as Obama would say) for their very own defense might do to help relieve the stress and strain on the United States' enormous national debt. Oh well.

Monkey Momma said...

This is an odd post for Memorial Day. Here are some of my thoughts....

1. Bill White's last blog post was a tribute to those who died defending our country. Meanwhile, you've chosen to mark Memorial Day by bashing Bill White, the Pope and CNN.
2. You're still upset about the "dour" thing? By missing the humor in the photos of Trump and the Pope, you only underline your dour label.
3. You apparently missed the entire point of the Pope's words in Egypt. A simple google search will allow anyone to see the entire content of his speeches there. Breitbart and you seem intent on twisting his words, meaning and intent.
4. CNN, like so many other media outlets, has a clear and obvious anti-Trump bias. We agree upon that. Still, you can't cite an opinion piece by a contributor as a statement by the entire network. There were many positive things said about Trump's overseas trip on CNN. One of yesterday's CNN headlines was, "President Trump passes his first test on the world stage."
5. I think your bio stating, "I prefer to think of myself as a nonpartisan catalyst for policy change in Allentown and the greater Lehigh Valley" is no longer an accurate representation of what people will find here on MOA. It used to be, but not lately.
6. To those who gave their life defending our freedoms here in the United States, I am thankful. We live in a country that tolerates and encourages the exchange of varying opinions, and that is not something I take for granted. Our freedoms have been clouded lately with anger and extreme partisanship. I believe this blog has, in its own small way, lately contributed to the hate we see blooming in our society. You need only read comments from the last few posts to see the venom of which I speak.
7. Before you call me a sock puppet again, please remember that I am, in fact, a monkey. So, please refer to me as a sock MONKEY in future "momma" bashings. I'd appreciate it.

TRENT HALL said...

Poor Ray, another one that proves the maxim that Christianity is the only major religion that has never been practiced.

If you read the New Testament, you will see that Jesus's teachings are the exact opposite of today's Mega Churches/Billy & Franklin Graham/Jerry Falwell/Joel Osleter/Mark Burns/etc., etc. "Prosperity Gospel." Jesus did not preach acquiring wealth; he said it was "harder for a rich man to to enter Heaven that it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle." He implored his followers to leave their parents & possessions behind, and wear only sack cloths to follow him. He and his followers did not work, but, relied on the generously of their neighbors as they traversed the land. Jesus did not practice nor preach Capitalism or Marxism, as these are forms of ownership of property. Because Jesus believed in the imminent End of Days and the virtual immediate beginning of the Kingdom of God on earth, he preached that people should discard property/possessions as they would be soon meaningless. In the meantime, he urged that people should render under Caesar (i.e Rome, the occupier)"that which is Caesar's" (i.e. people should pay their taxes).

The Pope is neither a lazarre fair Capitalist nor a Marxist; he is simply preaching the Gospel as he understands/views it.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie o'hare's post today (tuesday may 30th) assures us of his integrity and my supposed insults to both G-d and country. those of you who wade here in the filth, can be cleansed over at his virtuous blog.

michael molovinsky said...

although bernie extols both his integrity and journalism today on his piece against me, his shortcomings shine through. when i protested against an infamous troll making a soft anti-semitic remark, bernie responds; The truth is that you are a Zionist who would be perfectly happy to see this country run from Jerusalem.

putting aside real definitions of zionism, someone like bernie who thinks that they are so enlightened should comprehend that although i support israel, i do not want israel running washington. jews being disloyal to their country is straight out of nazism