May 30, 2017

Away From Allentown

Recently another blogger criticized this blog for being absent in the recent primary election. In reality, I wasn't absent at all,  I wrote a couple dozen posts about the election. As matter of fact,  I was painfully spot on in my analysis. The key word is painful, because the political situation in Allentown is somewhere between pathetic and watching paint dry.

I have written this past six months quite a bit about Trump. Seems like he has captured a lot of attention, if not obsessions from both supporters and detractors.  The latter certainly dominate the media.  Although, I was never a supporter, I became a defender after he was duly elected.  With his tweets and oafish behavior, he certainly doesn't make that position easy or comfortable.

My attitude about Trump has taken yet another turn. While I'm astonished by his hoof and mouth disease, I believe that he might accidently be the right man for the pressing problem of our era, Islamic radicalism.  It's a complicated,  ever changing problem with sides and factions constantly in flux.  However, the worse thing we could do is minimize the reality of the threat.  As articulate, intelligence and suave as Obama was,  he was way too politically correct for that challenge.

While molovinsky on allentown will never takes its eye off of our fair city, I cannot write about paint drying every day, as the greater world turns so violently.

ADDENDUM: Readers of the local blogosphere may have noticed that O'Hare and I aren't getting along very well.  Although I won't go blow by blow,  a minimal response is appropriate .  He obviously is much more sensitive about his integrity than anyone else's, or mine.  HIs anonymous commenters have declared me anti-Catholic, because I questioned the Pope about Egypt.  According to the comments there, you are here at a hate blog.    Furthermore,  they claim that I have lost my creditability, and supposedly have deleted entire posts.  While I often write that I appreciate your readership,  I suppose I should express extra gratitude,  for your continued visits to such a hateful place.


Scott Armstrong said...


There was a lot of chatter on other blogs and Facebook sites about the local elections, but in the end it was just talk and all the results predictable. The only ones who were surprised were those doing the most talking. Perhaps they have learned chatter alone doesn't produce results but as this is Allentown I doubt it.
It's my guess they are thinking Allentown needs more hand wringing chatter instead of an action plan based on some kind of a proven winning formula.

Scott Armstrong said...


If Bernie want to see a person with real issues he need only look in the mirror. As we have written before it is a real shame because he does have many good qualities and his blog is a valuable asset to the valley. That fact however does not make his outbursts and personal attacks on those who dare not agree with him somehow charming or acceptable. They reveal an anger, not a healthy anger such as one might have over an injustice or outrage, but an inner personal one.

Is this a hate blog? That term is applied as a smear tactic by the left to silence and intimidate anyone and everyone who dare disagree with their credos.

michael molovinsky said...

scott@7:10, I can't even begin to characterize all the accusations of racism, women hatred, putting israel before the USA, and other falsehoods that bernie has made against me in recent months. likewise, he has attacked numerous other people over the years, and allowed his anonymous commenters to jump in and kick them.

Scott Armstrong said...

I really just don't go there anymore.