May 26, 2017

Knife To A Gunfight

Great Britain is upset about some information given to the USA that was leaked.  What they should be upset about is that although the Manchester bomber was a person of interest, he was walking and plotting around.  It's a shame when political correctness allows New Orleans to remove its history,  its a crime when political correctness kills teenage girls.

England has at least until now been pretty clueless.  One would think that after a policeman was beheaded in London, they would realize that the radical are among them.  Here in the United States our former president and his attorney general wanted to close Guantanamo Bay,  and avail our foreign enemies to our civilian legal rights.  With all of Donald Trump's shortcomings, at least he understands that we are at war.

He also apparently understands that we shouldn't both be protecting the world, and paying for it.  Although, he may be a pushing and shoving oaf, yesterday he bluntly told our NATO allies that they must pay up.

Some people delighted that the Trump travel ban was again rejected by a federal court.  They are apparently more concerned with Trump being set back, than their own security.  Our enemies must find our priorities amusing.


ironpigpen said...

The "Daily Mail Comment : Bloody Price Paid For Liberal Weakness" published on May 23, 2017, is a most fascinating read.

Let the standard vacuous responses about Islamophobia, racsim, "right wing rants", blah, blah, blah flow unabated.

Over/under on how long it takes some self-righteous Progressive Liberal Democrat-voting genius to blame George Bush for the London policeman losing his head is two and a half minutes.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

The European nato members are like adolescents, who want their parents to keep supporting them for the rest of their lives, even after they are working. Its easy, put up or get out of nato. Pay what is part of the voluntary membership or get out.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

Well put, Mike.

When a government suspects a non-citizen of being a danger to its citizens but nonetheless does not deport that non-citizen, it has not *failed* its citizens but has *betrayed* them.

doug_b said...

It's hard to know where to start.

The Muslims need to stay in their own countries. We (US government) can help them with food, shelter, medicine.

Allowing large numbers of people with third world ideas, little or no education, and having beliefs (Sharia, women's rights, etc) that are contrary to ours, is just stupid. Islam is not a religion, it's a complete political / legal / economic / religious system. The political / legal /economic component goes directly against a free society.

If and when they ever reform their belief system, then we can talk about immigration.

Another thing not spoken about is intelligence. Charles Murray (students rioted against) wrote the 'Bell Curve'. This book was a milestone documenting the IQ of various races.

As stated in the above Wiki article: "IQ is a major contributor to national wealth as well as to various measures of social well-being."

The leftists want to call these facts racist. My only thought is that they want to destroy our country.

Here in Minnesota we have 50,000 Somali's. The average Somali IQ is 68. I really don't know how these people will fit into our technological world.

doug_b said...



The massacre in Manchester this week seems to have prompted attention to the arrest of brothers Abdullah and Majid Alrifahe in north Minneapolis on May 11. Inside the parked car they were sitting in was a stash of guns, ammo, drone parts and an inert hand grenade. The arrest report provides an inventory of the stash officers found in “a cursory search” of the vehicle: “a loaded AK 47-type assault rifle, another rifle, several assault rifle magazines and large quantities of different ammunition (including shotgun shells), discharged shell casings and BB ammunition. Also found were several cell phones, computers and electronics equipment including drone parts.” And then we have this: “Bomb Squad personnel called to the scene noted that the variety of the ammunition and large quantity of BBs and electronic devices could be used for bomb-making.”

Minnesota has had the largest number of young men tried for attempting to join ISIS.

michael molovinsky said...

i do fear that our obsessions with both political correctness, and opposing trump, conspire against our security. even in brussels, which has suffered terrorists attacks, people marched against trump. the recent federal court decision against the travel ban cited trump's previous anti Muslim statements. the reality is that there is no government in libya and yemen, and other countries on the list. this isn't a "trump" issue, it is an issue of national security.

LVCI said...


9:26 am [Muslims] little or no education... The average Somali IQ is 68... leftists want to call these facts racist

Yes that's exactly what it is. The Guardian newspaper did an article entitled-- Muslims who shaped America. Go read it and get educated.

Michael Molovinsky:
There was a time you were very diligent about what you allowed in comments. I couple of people commented in other posts they weren't happy with the direction you're taking. Neither am I. Most of these comments over the last month or so have not been entirely accurate if not downright nasty.

I'm sure this means little to few people but there are ways to approach strong differences. Both you yourself and other commentators have even taken to hitting out against long time reader 'Monkey Momma'. Someone who has always spoken respectively and who's opinions I mostly agree with.

Although we've not agreed on everything in the past...most we have. Not lately though. Instead this is becoming an angry blog. You may be inclined to compare this to others, but I'm not talking about other blogs. I'm speaking about this one. You've allowed yourself to be used by some pretty nasty people who should start their own blog if they want to talk this way. Otherwise I'll assume you agree with them.

Allowing them to engage in this kind of highly charged partisanship is your choice of course. But it's also my choice to no longer interact here beyond this as well. I hope you will reconsider a less toxic environment be allowed to continue. If not I regret your decision. There's already too much anger out there. I don't need to come here for another dose.

BTW: Trump's giving away classified information proves he's the biggest leak of all. His attitude and physical behavior at the NATO meeting was deplorable. His constant criticism of all our allied partners on trade and military treaties is unacceptable. This blog's views are in direct opposite of mine. Yet another reason to no longer engage in such one sided partisanship.

michael molovinsky said...

LVCI@12:52, you may assume that my opinion is expressed in my posts, but not in the comment section. i also winced at the IQ comment you ascribe to me, but it's my preference to not comment on my posts, certainly not in response to every comment submitted. i did not "hit out against" monkey momma. if you read my post again you will see that i referred to oafish behavior, and pushing and shoving at NATO by trump.

i do believe that trump's shortcomings, as many as there are, are not the big threat of our time. i believe that we underestimate a pervasive enemy.

as you know i do not allow anonymous comments. racism is becoming a relative term. although you may find some comments here Islamophobic, I have recently been accused on racism because of my Marion Barry analogy. you may choose to ignore doug b's comments, or the entire blog, as you prefer.

Jamie Kelton said...

All I know if it wasn't for chance of Mother Nature and the evolution of our planet, There would be no oil in the Middle East and there would be no cow-towing to the Muslim governments there.

We are engaged in a War of Civilizations. It is not one we wanted, but it's one we can't afford to lose for future generations.

Did the United States allow German, Japanese or Italian refugees into our nation during World War II? How could you tell between a "good" German and a "Bad" German, for example?

Today, how can you tell the difference between a "Radical" Muslim and a "Peaceful" Muslim.

Damned if I know .. does anyone ?

doug_b said...

I understand why people would call you out as nasty or angry. Because leftists are intolerant. If one gets too close to their POV, bang out come the words racist, xenophobic, etc, etc. This label is supposed to 'neutralize' the other person, and make him a none person.

My wife (Ms. Freud, as I call her) has several degrees in psychology. The IQ info I posted is derived from legitimate accepted scholarly research. When one says 'average IQ', it doesn't mean everyone - it means the middle of the bell curve for the population that is sampled.

I did not post these facts to denigrate anyone. But I think it's fair to know what we're dealing with.

While we are all equal as far as human rights, we are not all equal in other areas.

I enjoy discussions, and I like facts.

Paul Fiske said...

The best way for you to know your message is right on "Target" is to pay attention to your "Critics"!

LVCI 12:52pm you are rather "short sighted" if have missed the meanings of Michael's "Posts" lately.

"The Old Allentown Curmudgeon".....Paul J. Fiske

TRENT HALL said...

Unfortunately, Doug B & wife apparently can't distinguish between their right wing so called "legitimate sources" of "facts" & opinion. Neither can Hannity and Trump's aides who constantly feed them "news" from fake sources.The "Bell Curve" and other such tracts have long been rejected as faulty reasoning and erroneous conclusion rendering. There is no scientific validity to any studies that suggest inherent difference in IQ between the races. In fact, there are actually no different human "races".....that is a social/cultural construct. Homo Sapiens became the only human species to survive, several others eventually became extinct, with Neanderthals & Cro-Magnons the last to go, around 15,000 years ago. There are DNA traces of the Neanderthals in our DNA, suggesting there was some interbreeding between them & Homo Sapiens.

Guantanamo is/was a political PR ruse by Bush 2 & the Republican Congress to make Americans feel "safe." It has long been known that inmates there were nobodies that were turned over to American forces by fellow (mostly Afghans) to collect the bounties we paid. Most were taxi drivers and victims of jealousy. The two or three that "confessed" to being Taliban or Al-Qua big shots were bull shiters that inflated their importance to end the torture. The so called "20th" 9/11 guy was someone no one in Ben Ladin's group had ever heard of. The "intelligence" gained from the captured there has ranged from the negible to the negative. Considering the adverse publicity it has generated everywhere else in the world (outside of the talk radio/Fox bubble) it has only proved to be a great recruiting tool for the bad guys as well as radicalizing anyone released from there.

It is a shame that it appears essentially only John Birchers comment on MM's posts, as they certainly do seem to be such a natural premise set up for expansion of such views, but, I encourage the very few evidence based viewers of MM to hang in there, for we won't always be resigned to being fact checkers.....the pendulum swings, and reason will return.....Trump and the GOP will sooner or later implode. As Lincoln said, "you can't fool all of the people, all of the time."

ironpigpen said...

The pendulum DOES swing and reason HAS returned ... this is why crooked & corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the election last November and is NOT the President of the United States.

Oh, yes. Reason HAS returned - and the Progressive Liberal Left clearly has absolutely no clue as to how to deal with it. THIS is why there is NO RESPONSE when people ask logical questions such as, "How could you tell a 'good' German from a 'bad' German (during World War II)?" and "Today, how can you tell the difference 'Radical' Muslim and a 'Peaceful' Muslim?"

Obama said "global warming" was the greatest threat facing the world, not ISIS or Islamic terrorism. Of course, Obama also said that ISIS was a JV team. And the smartest President in the entire history of the United States, Obama, said that We The American People needed to carry on his work & legacy by voting for his hand-picked successor, Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife.

We The American People instinctively just don't trust people like Obama, Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife and the rest of their lunatic Progressive Liberal Democrat followers to take care of our personal and national security interests. And why should we, anyway? Obama and Clinton couldn't or wouldn't protect and/or save American lives in Benghazi and We The People NOTICED.

We The American People are going to do what we gotta do to to make sure our friends and family don't end up losing their head like the London policeman or getting blown up at an Ariana Grande concert like those poor, innocent teenage girls in Manchester ... and if that means we have to endure pissed off and frustrated Progressive Liberal Democrat ueberpartisans tossing around tired, worn out, overplayed and increasingly meaningless terms like "Islamophobic" and "Racist" to make themselves feel special for three seconds, so be it.


michael molovinsky said...

from bernie o'hare's blog

Bernie O'Hare said...
Yeah, how dare I fail to fly over to Manchester, do some independent research, come back her and post an independent report. Or I could do what MM did and just puke up some hateful rant so that bigots like you can join in

i never knew that bernie did "independent research" on everything he wrote. nor did i know that i "puke up hateful rants".

doug_b said...

This is so typical of the left. When there is an opposing opinion they take to ad hominem attacks - not only did he attack you but wrapped all of us who responded as bigots. This guy is really polished!