Jan 24, 2017

Alternative Facts and Views

Although, my male liberal friends believe that our new president suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, and that his supporters are primarily low information people, they are conceding that he processes some skill sets. They believe that he can effectively manage and delegate. They actually approve of dropping out of the Trans- Pacific Partnership. They even realize that there is some talent in the new cabinet.

On the other hand, my female friends offer no quarter. Most, just back from the marches, may not even forgive my postings.

Meanwhile, back here in the little apple,  Mayor For Life faces a battle for the first time in the primary. I only wish that some of this talent challenged him previously.  As soon as all the staff from molovinsky on allentown has returned from Washington, local coverage will resume.

1 comment:

Robert Trotner said...

Mayor for life is going to come a cropper very soon.