Jan 23, 2017

The Women's March

My previous post concerning the Trump inauguration protests generated some heartfelt comments.  One reader was afraid that a loved one would loose her health insurance, without the pre-existing condition coverage provided by the ACA.  Although, I had issues with the protests,  the validity of her concern cannot be underestimated.  Let us hope that any replacement to the Affordable Care Act makes a similar provision.

One reader suggested that such protests define democracy.  Another blogger, Chris Casey, a Democrat, commented,  I firmly believe in the right of Americans to protest against the Government. But would it not have been more appropriate to protest by actually voting on Election day? I can't help but wonder how many of those who are upset over President Trump did not get off their rear ends and participate in the process. We have the Government we deserve, and we have to live with it.... 

Considering that many of the protesters began assembling before Trump was even sworn in, many weren't protesting policy,  they were protesting the results of democracy. I credit Hillary for  attending the inauguration, and saying that she was there to honor our democracy.

Many women that I know and care about attended the Women's March On Washington, or local versions of it. Numerically, the marches were incredibly impressive.  I  believe that sheer volume alone will make their messages politically relevant. I hope that Trump reaches out and offers some reassurance to these concerned citizens. In turn,  I hope they can consider extending some benefit of the doubt.

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Dave said...

It should be noted that this "Women's March on Washington" was originally planned as a Hillary Clinton victory celebration. However, with her loss in the election, it turned into a parade of victimhood, espousing women's liberal causes. It was what it was planned to be in the first place. A rally to gain Democratic votes.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

It was a protest without a clear message. They have attempted to compare this to the tea party movement. The Tea party movement was about big government and the Affordable Care act and how it was enacted. Their messages were from A to Z, all before Trump had enacted any legislation. It seems most of what we see is an effort to encourage others to resist the policies of the Trump administration. We will wee how long they last after finding out that most of his policies will not affect them in a negative way.

Scott Armstrong said...

Madonna is such a wonderful voice of reason for women in America. The double standards of the press were on full display in the coverage. The peaceful and orderly Tea Party protests were derided and impugned by the media, this one that had many vulgar, bizarre, and extreme elements was a glorious example of Americans expressing their right to protest. Again, this sort of blatant hypocrisy on the part of the elites and the media made Trump a victor and will continue to be the glue that bonds his supporters to him.

Steven Ramos said...

I care little for these protests, these are manufactured outrages similar to the antiwar protests of the Bush years; like liberals say, "first world problems, humph". One message was clear in these protests, Christians not welcome. There were several reports of Christians being told not to come, this was for "liberal, progressive, women". These were pro death marchers, one great outburst to protect their only true principle, the freedom to kill babies in the womb at will, and if those babies are Black or Hispanic, the better. These aren't people fighting for liberty and to preserve the republic the founders entrusted to us.

Where were they when the ACA was rammed through without a single Republican vote and we found out many members of congress didn't even read the law? Where were they when the lie was exposed and people began to see premiums and deductibles skyrocket making their coverage useless? Internationally, where were they when the young people of Iran were grasping for freedom or the young people of Venezuela fighting a tyrant while their favorite president, Obama, stood silent and even granted great benefits to those governments or shielded them from accountability? Where were they in demanding a blacklist of the "liberal" actors that defended the tyrants in Venezuela while at the same time those same tyrants were beating down students and imprisoning the opposition? They were no where. These are communists and, sadly, a lot of ignorant tag alongs that would lose their rights if not for the Republican 162 year commitment to the constitution and equality under the law.

Side note: in the last debate, Hillary said the ACA has insured 90% of Americans. What she didn't say is that before the ACA was passed 90% of Americans already had insurance.

LVCI said...

Wow such misinformation. Though some were there to protest the majority were there to rally for women's and others rights.--NOT TO PROTEST. A few of them even went to one Trump's inaugural balls after the rallies.

No where at any time did I hear they were comparing themselves to the Tea Party. Where'd you get that from? May I also remind the women's rights movement began decades before the Tea Party was ever thought of. They fought consistently whenever they felt their rights were threatened. Sometimes people need to be reminded their still determined in their resolve. Exactly why it was important to get media's attention. The point was raised why they were bellyaching before Trump made any move against them. This served as a reminder to him their voices should not be forgotten. Help me understand--Why is it when the Tea Party holds rallies it's patriotic, but those who hold different views are "ignorant tag alongs"?

Many people's attention is easily drawn to flashing lights and sirens. Out of the millions attending the rallies worldwide only a few big mouth speakers got 90% of the attention. Exactly what the press and opponents feed on. Their words don't speak for the millions of others who went to the rallies simply to make their presence known. That they aren't going to become complacent. A point I think Tea Partiers should understand better then anyone.

doug_b said...

Such a gathering of infantile women - I have no respect for people who act so juvenile. I have no idea what their platform is - except they're angry. And then there are the geniuses that speak for them: Madonna and Ashley - great communicators - great F' you's. Madonna (the personification of the word vulgar) wants to blow up the White House. Think what the media would have done with that, if it was a conservative and an Obama inauguration. The thing about leftist is that it's all horrible now - but it will be better in the future - what fools.

My Dutch grandmother was a much stronger, intelligent, feminine woman that 99% of those at the demonstration. Part of the problem is we allowed our schools to be packed with teachers, teaching this sick agenda.

Scott Armstrong said...

So a few of the people invited to address the assembled crowd shouted obscenities, made irresponsible statements, railed angry words, and preached victimization. Clearly they weren't speaking for the group. Really? Then why were they invited to speak?

LVCI said...

"Then why were they invited to speak?"
Over a million worldwide in some 600 rallies had little clue they were. Nearly none of them heard there were speakers till they got home.. What are you trying to tell me--you agreed with every speaker in every event you ever attended? I think not!

Obviously there's no one here capable of being reasonable Carry on--talk amongst yourselves in this little club you guys seem to have going. I'm out.

michael molovinsky said...

lvci@8:06, a diversity of opinion is always welcome in the comment section.

JoshLCowen said...

For a group that was so upset by a word Trump said ten years ago in a "private" conversation they sure exposed (you should pardon the expression) millions of kids across the world to that word....not to mention hats and full-body costumes of the female private parts.

Scott Armstrong said...

lvci, You think it is tough being a liberal? Try walking a mile as a conservative. Toughen up! No one has name called you. Dragged your good name through the mud.We are merely disagreeing with you. So what? That is the problem with the left. It can't handle alternative points of view. It is the Left that is intolerant, hyper sensitive to those who don't share in the accepted group think. .

doug_b said...

What about the last 8 years and Obama? Why didn't they protest these injustices then?

Hey, I want my dinner!

Jamie Kelton said...

I couldn't help but notice how most of the marchers were upper-class women and some type "B" males. Wearing their ridiculous “p----” hats, screeching like a gaggle of hags, and so pumped on up putrid propaganda, they appeared very childish.

It has been documented that most women with under $100,000 of income voted for Trump. These protesters are likely upper class leftists who are the staple of the NOW and other Democratic causes. The kind I just can't stand to associate with.

But I have a super idea for these delusional bitches. Pack up your sideshow and head to Riyadh. Unbelievably, these intellectual pygmies were reading the Koran with reverence at a P---- March. Has a disconnect ever been more huge?

How could President Trump be more tolerant of fools? Let’s stop and consider what would have happened if white men had stormed Lafayette Square wearing goofy white hats when Obama was elected. The tanks would have rolled like Tiananmen Square. It would have been the lead story for three years.

No one of any intelligence cares what these pampered, multimillionaire court jesters who headlined this embarrassment – e.g., actresses and singers – think. Their contribution to America is to sing or recite lines that people with actual brain synapses that can fire write. They are parrots, but I actually admire parrots.

TRENT HALL said...

Ray......Trump did answer the women.....his first Executive Order today was to cease funding for organizations overseas that provide for women's health & birth control, because they provide counseling for those who inquire about abortion as well. Hence, the doctors can't even discuss abortion, even if it is medically advisable pursuant to the woman's medical problems or diagnosis of her condition.

Stephen.....your ranting about local "communists" in Venezuela is quite laughable, considering that Trump has given Putin a pass for his invasion of parts of Crimea, Ukraine and threatening noises about the Baltic states and general disdain for NATO, which, of course, scares the hell out of Poland & other eastern European countries.

As most of my conservative friends say......"there is no such such thing as an abused woman...they just don't listen!"

Jamie.....guess you don't watch anything other that Fox Fake News.....but your boys in the goofy white hats were in force celebrating Trump's swearing in.....David Duke and the boys are positively orgasmic about Trump's victory....calling it their victory.

Well, Trumpkin snowflakes, you may not like to see or hear them, but they are going to be louder and louder in your face, as Bannon's written Inaugural speech for Trump...."Nightmare in America" becomes more and more a reality.

For, in two years time even many of the white, Christian, low information women voters in the red states will be protesting. While their men folk are content to lose medical care & social security & unemployment benefits and drink poisoned water & breathe foul air and work for minimum wage ("Right to Work" Republican Orwellian speak talk)as long as they can purchase all the assault rifles they want to carry into bars & churches, it's all okay, see, because it is compensated by the fact that blacks & Mexicans won't be getting anything. But, the women care about their kids and their future and will start getting disillusioned. They are the ones that will realize what cutting the safety nets are doing to their family.

michael molovinsky said...

trent@3:22, your POV is most appreciated, but i would prefer that readers not directly address other readers. although, this blog appreciates reaction to points made in the posts, and will host limited difference of opinion concerning other comments, it will not become a chat room. no running disagreements, or standard talking points, will be hosted.

ironpigpen said...

America finally figured out who the real intolerant, hateful Nazis are and that IS exactly why Hillary Rodham Clinton is not President of the United States of America right now (thank God).