Jan 25, 2017

Female Blog Staff Resigns

Yesterday, I posted that local reports would resume as soon as the staff returned from the march in Washington. However, my entire female staff has resigned en masse. Although, they recognize that this blog is non-partisan, that neutrality no longer suffices in this new post election world. They can no longer work for a publication that is not openly anti-Trump. Although, I would like to assure my readers that the blog will be back up to speed in short order, I can't honestly do that.  Writing the posts myself will not be easy, I can barely read.

A local cheerleader on facebook said,  in response to another shooting yesterday, that public safety must improve.  Understand that our police department is up to full complement.  Center city has been outfitted with surveillance cameras.  Unfortunately, we are facing the consequences of poor policy for over a decade.  I predicted this result as an independent candidate 2005,  and was criticized at the time for my bluntness.  Welcome to big urban reality in small town America.

pictured above is Kellyanne Conway, who has become a target of women upset by the election.


Scott Armstrong said...


Funny how our liberal friends are worked up over the "lies" of the new administration.They were never bothered by the many whoppers of the previous folk who occupied the White House. I responded to one poster by saying Trump should save the lying for the big stuff like Obama and Hillary did.
As for Allentown, who couldn't see what was down the road? Answer; all the Democrats in the city who foolishly put their faith in their elected Democratic leaders.

TRENT HALL said...

Like all the other Trump supporters, Mr. MM, you don't have to bother to read anymore. You get all your news from tweets sent by Brietbart and the other fake news sources. Hence, you believe all the nonsense stories.

I'm sorry your entire distaff left you; perhaps Trump will send you a few West Virginia coal miner widows to replace them.....at minimum wage you will be WINNING!

Long term one party rule for cities is virtually a guarantee for disaster, but, to be fair, on the state level, it has been a revolving door between Republican & Democrat Governors, with virtually a constant Republican rural lock on the legislature, yet, state policy has not helped Allentown, regardless of who the Governor was, and the policies that were enacted to lend support seem to have only enriched a few, while not alleviating the problems of urban areas, whether large or small.

Don't recall any specific ideas the Mayor's opponents proposed that would have addressed this.....not counting "election" BS along the lines of "make Allentown great again" crap. I mean viable counter proposals to the drift accelerating urban blight. Don't know what any Mayor could have done to halt the exodus of manufacturing jobs and the implementation of robotics/outsourcing/AI. Not carrying a brief for the Mayor per se, just questioning whether his reign the sole cause of everything that has gone downhill.

On quality of life issues like preserving/maintaining the Park system he is obviously a legitimate culpable target, but, again, the entire "professional" recreational/architectural/Environmental/conservation/Development/etc., etc., lobby/community seems to be of that similar mindset. Have to wonder whether a Republican municipal Administration would have been any more receptive to funding preservation/repair local projects. Clearly not so on the national level.

michael molovinsky said...

trent@3:15, like some of my other readers, you have apparently left allentown a long time ago, and have not been back. allentown has experienced more development than anywhere else in the state, $1 billion in three years. now it's contrived, is privately owned by one man, but financed by state income taxes, from offices like morgan stanley, poached from elsewhere. outside of allentown proper, millions of square feet of warehouse have been built, because of our central location in the NE corridor.

the current administration did contribute to the poverty magnet. with HUD funds going to social agencies, still wanting more affordable housing. Allentown's problem is that the housing is too affordable.

consider refraining from your repetitive fake and faux news adjectives. the news on the left is no more objective.