Dec 21, 2016

Politics 2016, When Well Spoken Was No Longer Enough

I'll grant my liberal late night friends that Barack and Bill are both well spoken and cool. We saw Barack with Anthony Bourdain and Jerry Seinfeld, tres cool. You like your pols well spoken and witty. How you enjoyed Trump and Palin being ridiculed on SNL. How you loved Jon Steward bashing those low information Republicans. How you loved the beautiful entertainers campaigning for Hillary.   Well, friends, the proverbial fat lady has sung.

 Bill Clinton's explanation of Hillary's loss marks the end of his commentator days. Anybody with a shred of insight knows that the election was over well before the FBI announcement or any Russian hacking leaks. Bill's lack of candor also spells the end of Hillary, because her main credential was him. Likewise, Barack Obama's explanation of the loss was way less than candid. He was the quintessential inspirational speaker, who failed to bring any change with his hope. Democrats fail to realize that when there's no factories anymore, union bosses telling you whom to vote for doesn't carry much weight.

 There's even Republicans who loss big in this election, like the Bush clan. Of course, all this is the good news. The bad news is that I don't see this country coming together.  That would require the cooperation of the media, which is soundly married to the concept of polarization. With the country so split, it is more profitable to take a side, and stick with it. Alec Baldwin will have his Saturday night job for at least the next four years.


Scott Armstrong said...


When Reagan won the election in 1980 I was horrified. He was going to ruin America and cause a nuclear war. I knew this for certain because I was an NPR listener. Two years later when nothing bad happened and things actually improved I had to rethink my positions. That will likely happen again for many of today's young people. When the economy takes off and people have spending money again, many will begin to question what they were told by the media, their teachers, and college professors.It will be interesting.Maybe the word "liberal" will be a moniker even the Democrats avoid again.

doug_b said...

I can remember every election since Kennedy / Nixon of 1960. Never heard anything like what is happening now.

I know we all have opinions, some strong, on how to run this country, but I never realized the left was so fervent, vehement, violent, fearful when they don't get their way.

I am now of the opinion that we are foolish to ignore teaching / universities where the subjects of micro-aggression / gender fluid / social-justice / safe rooms / white privilege / trigger words is taught. It is bad thought. It is incorrect thought. It is twisted thought.

I thought that these subjects were just silly / loony - but the reaction to this election has woken me up. This kind of thought is breeding a leftist, violent, group of people. Their priorities have been refocused to righting the alleged indignation that they and other various fringe groups supposedly suffer.

Don said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, the fat lady has sung very loudly. And everybody wins.

I hear I am a uneducated angrey white voter. That's ok, because my wife is Deplorable. We met in a free cheese line at the Allentown Fairgrounds several years ago. I am writing this on my free Obama phone. Thanks for the cheese and the phone.

The snowflakes are hurting because their candidate lost. It doesn't matter if our country is divided. Anyhow, isn't diversity one our national goals?

So "Can't we all just get a long?". Or was it "a bong" Whatever.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

george schaller said...

In the 90's the catchlune phrase was,"Total Wellness" being of sound mind and body! Take a good look around in today's world, it would confuse me to try to use a Obama phone and the cheZZe lines are over bareing like today's media sized expleNATION of twisting what is there reel design!

America is not what it used to be and nor should it become the same in this age of knowledge of everything at the stroke of a key? All people need to wake up and open there eyes and not spend the day gazing into a hand held silver screen!