Dec 20, 2016

The Self Righteousness of the Left.

The last ditch attempt by the Democrats to reverse our election process has failed, although the results won't be official until January 6. Prevailing upon the electoral college members to vote their conscience, instead of their mandate under the Constitution,  required a heavy dose of self righteousness on the Democrat's part.  Unlike votes in swing states,  that is something in which they abound.

Worse, they don't seem to understand the true nature of their loss.  While they rave on about winning the popular vote,  but for New York City and Los Angeles,  they would have lost that also. While they rant on about not steering enough voters out to the polls on election day,  the Republicans had virtually no organized ground game under Trump.  What they did have was highly self- motivated voters, wanting to see some fundamental changes in their government.

I don't think  that the two post election strategies of having a recount, or subverting the Electoral College, will endear more voters to the Democratic Party.  Bill Clinton speaking of "angry white men", and using every excuse for Hillary's loss, won't help either.  Obama spending his final days in office muttering about Putin hacking our system, is just another example of poor losing.  He would have served righteousness better confronting Russia about the carnage in Syria.  Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey that the country is losing hope under president elect Trump.  She apparently doesn't understand that voters were looking for more than hope, they want progress, both for themselves and the country.


Scott Armstrong said...

The purveyors of "victimhood" have now officially taken on that status now for themselves. From top to bottom, Barry and Michelle to our local liberals they are victims of this and that, so unfair, so unjust, it's not right, it's not fair, oh the suffering. The list of their victimizers is getting longer everyday, seem everyone is guilty of abusing them and only they are blameless and above reproach.

doug_b said...

This is an excerpt from a very good article on the Power Line Blog:

"He [Obama] still considers himself the smartest man in any room, despite abundant proof to the contrary. He will never improve in his ability to persuade people to his viewpoint, because he lacks introspection; a man who suffers as many failures as he has in eight years, yet still can’t think of any serious errors he has made, is by definition not learning from his mistakes."

Scott Armstrong said...

Those who never doubt their own intelligence or question their assumptions are the biggest fools and the most disastrous leaders.Eight years of that coming to an end. Say what you want about Trump,(not a big fan) so far we have learned he is a good listener.Barry should take notice.

Dave said...

It was nice to hear such actresses such as Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg speak of our founding Fathers with such reverence.

Jamie Kelton said...

I should make a video and tell our celebrities now that President-Elect Trump has won the electoral vote, it's time for them to live up to their promise to leave our nation and be the heroes they make themselves out to be.

Jeffrey Anthony said...

People can say what they want about President-elect Trump, but he has demonstrated the ability to lead a large organization and make a great fortune in his own right. Yes, he had the advantage of inheriting quite a bit, but nothing on the scale of what he has since built. Moreover, nearly everyone in the private sector knows business people who have inherited strong organizations and a great deal of money and driven their inheritance into the ground (few family businesses survive more than three generations). Sometimes, an early advantage is a curse not a blessing, but Mr. Trump was clearly smart enough and hard working enough to not have fallen into that trap.

To Mr. Armstrong's point, Mr. Trump is indeed a strong listener. Nearly every successful leader is, and very few successful leaders aren't. That bodes well for what we can expect of his leadership as our nation's chief executive.

He does have demonstrated talent and the resulting success that proves it. At least for the first year of his administration, we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt...

LVCI said...

"He [Obama] still considers himself the smartest man in any room,"

You guys are something else. Trump-- now here's a man who said he knows more then the CIA, trained Generals in the Pentagon, professionals involved in economics & the trade deals, how police deal with street crime, scientist, the state department and everyone else who disagrees with him. He's even prefers his own security over that of the secret service.

I'm not saying Obama was a savior but if you think Barack was tone deaf wait and see how this guy's going to turn out over the next several months after he's in office. Yeah sure he's a great listener- but sure doesn't absorb much.

Keep in mind after January conservatives will control the Whitehouse, Congress and all the appointees leading the federal agencies (maybe even the Supreme Court). What ever happens after then Republicans own it. It'll be amusing in a few months what you guys will have to say then. I hope it will put a end to this so I don't have to listen to anymore of the BS.

FYI: I wanted neither Hillary nor Trump. Republicans put up several better candidates in the primaries. I 100% fully accept Trump as our next president, but I'm convinced there will more buyers remorse then any other president ever elected. Meanwhile enjoy this tag team bashing as long as you can before reality sets in. Democrats (so-called libitards) may not your biggest problem.

TRENT HALL said...

I think there is a fundamental difference in the expectations.....and hence ultimate disappointments to come, in the body politic between the Obama & Trump administrations.

After the Obama much derided "Hope & Change" campaign, the Republicans quickly indicated that would not happen, that their goal was to make Obama fail and be a one term President, accomplished by virtually entire unanimous Republican Congressional opposition to any Democratic proposals and vehement talk radio & Fox faux News media barrages. "Birther, Black Helicopters, Taking Our Guns Away, War Against Christmas, BS Conspiracies" yadda yadda was the executed nonstop game plan. With only a very few exceptions, the strategy prevailed. Thus, to the informed, it was pretty apparent that not a lot was going to be accomplished. Not-with-standing this, at least Obama was smart enough to ignore the Republican neo-cons who would have had us invade Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, and re-invade Irag.

So today, the evidence based, informed voter has no hopeful expectations, other than fully expecting Trump to be a disaster. His boorish tweets, proud ignorance, and counter-intuitive agency Cabinet appointments spell doom for those most interested in the health, labor, education, & environmental needs of the nation.

That leaves ONLY the (3 million less than Hillary got) Trump voters who have high expectations.....the largely rural and mostly angry white low information voters who delusionaly, think Trump is going to bring coal mining & manufacturing jobs back to the rust belt. Instead, only minimum wage (capped) service jobs and no health insurance will be their future. SHOCKER: BIG AG BUSINESS will continue to hire undocumented Mexicans to pick our fruit and slaughter our hogs, chickens & cattle; Lawn service & Domestic Help Companies will continue to hire them to maintain our homes & clean our houses, TECH Companies will continue to hire/import mostly Indian & Chinese computer workers, BIG Construction will continue to purchase foreign steel.....i.e.,the Republicans in Congress just killed the "Buy American" extension Obama had imposed and again just killed a Veterans benefits proposal.

The Trump voter will have to be satisfied that Trump is against public funding for PBS, abortion, and that his court appointees will favor abolishing gay marriage and child labor & minimum wage laws, as well as eliminating labor unions and voting rights and Common Core education standards. They will have to be satisfied that his support for unlimited guns rights for school kids, church attendees and bar patrons entitles him to another 4 years after 2020.

My prediction.....enough of them will feel they have been conned, and they will join the other slightly more than 50% of the populace, in making Trump the most unpopular President in four years in our history.....exceeding even Herbert Hoover's rating.

Scott Armstrong said...


Again you demonstrate liberal thinking very well here. Nothing is your fault and evil Rush and FOX NEWS outfoxed all the other media, mainstream culture, Hollywood, the music industry, and everything else on television.
If only Republicans would have acquiesced to Obama's dreams for "fundamental change". Well half the country was never for that. Should the Republican representatives have ignored the wishes of those who put them into office? Should the Democrats in the House and Senate ignore the wishes of their Democratic voters now? The answer is of course No, and NO. But you guys just don't get it. It is the duty of all opposition to oppose. Your side will do so now and none of us will be outraged or surprised when you do.