Dec 22, 2016

Rumble Over Wehr's Dam

This striking photograph of Wehr's Dam was taken recently by local professional photographer Hub Willson, and featured on his facebook page. Among the many who complimented the photograph was Randy Cope, Park and Recreation Director of South Whitehall. Randy cooperated with efforts by the Wildlands Conservancy to demolish the dam, and still calls for its demolition in his Parks Master Plan. After I spent the last 30 months defending the dam against the Wildlands and South Whitehall, I couldn't refrain from reminding Randy that if he had his way, the dam wouldn't have been there last week for Hub to photograph.

When the former Allentown Park Director allowed The Wildlands Conservancy to demolish the quaint Robin Hood Dam in Lehigh Parkway,  he told me that the dam could be replaced with a nice sign and picture of the former dam.

Just as the Democrats were surprised that Trump won in November,  Randy Cope, The Wildlands Conservancy and the South Whitehall Commissioners never expected the Wehr's Dam Referendum to pass. They expected the residents to vote the dam away, when threatened with a tax increase for restoration. They thought that they could accommodate the Wildlands Conservancy with no political consequence. They still hope to demolish the dam.

Hub has understandably deleted the posting and controversy from his page, and I apologize for my intrusion there.  Sometimes, in the course of fighting for our history,  I must cross some boundaries; For that I make no apology.

photograph of Wehr's Dam by Hub Willson

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JoshLCowen said...

Hub is one of the classiest guys in the valley. I'm sorry he felt like he had to remove the post with that beautiful photo. Reminds me of Bocelli having to back out any inaugural festivities. Intimidation by the left still rules.

george schaller said...

you have deleted my comment on the true carcinagins behind the circus we all know as allentowns waterwar asset sale sell off because of liability and a second tier level of corruption! Do youy also have bottled water delivered to your home via commercial recipiants derivatives thereof?
REpublican redd
humanist by design

michael molovinsky said...

george@9:32, create your own blog, your comments will no longer appear on this one.

michael molovinsky said...

josh@7:59, in fairness to hub, his page was not the place for me to place my grievance. he uses that space to promote his professional talents.

george schaller said...

Thanx MM,
Your agenda design has itZ OWN design colluding with the circus carnival too?
REpublican redd
humanist with all attributes

Aaron White said...

Thank you for the update!