Nov 22, 2016

The Alt-Left In America

Since Trump's election and Bannon's appointment, we hear of the Alt-right. Although this element is supposed to be the radical right, they were so quiet that nobody even expected Trump to win the election. They were so undemonstrative that nobody saw his victory coming. However, since Tuesday November 8th, what do we call those now acting out? The media has politely designated them protestors.

Vice President Pence went to a popular broadway show last week. The actors apparently couldn't resist the temptation to reprimand him from the stage after the show. Never mind that the new administration is still about 7 weeks away from assuming office, and at least months more from any policy change in this country. College presidents, including local ones from the Lehigh Valley, have signed a letter to Trump asking him to repudiate hatred against minorities. I didn't know that Trump invented bigotry or prejudice, but is apparently now responsible when it appears. I do know that nobody ever expected President Obama to address anti-Semitism on American campuses.

According to the left, everybody Trump considers for appointment is a racist. They have been using that derogatory term very loosely. Allow me to annoy my liberal readers a bit more. It wouldn't surprise me to find that some of the intolerant incidents being attributed to Trump supporters are in fact dirty tricks.    I suspect that most Trump supporters are content enough by the election results to relax. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the other side.


Dave said...

What we are seeing with the Alt-Left is similar to how the Germans must have felt in May 1945. The presidential election of 2016 can be compared to the Battle of Berlin, a no-holds-barred election where both sides threw all they had into the battle. The aftermath being the destruction of Progressive control over the United States.

It will take some time for the Alt-Left, the dead-enders, or Generation Snowflake as I refer to them, to realize what happened. That this was one of those watershed moments in history - not unlike the assassination of President Kennedy - where the nation turned direction after a sudden event. And the Alt-Left is afraid of the future.

Being one of those old-timers, I remember the "good" 1960s, and later the "bad" 1960s. America, I believe will see the opposite occur in the 2010s, a change from the "bad" to the "good". The snowflakes whose life or memory span doesn't go back to the Reagan Era, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Soviet Union and Desert Storm are afraid of the future.... which is the history of an America they never experienced.... the America which was the Shining City on the Hill as expressed by President Reagan.

One thing is certain. These protests against Trump cannot go on indefinitely. Personally, I think that the Progressive left played the street protest card too soon. By January 20, many of the snowflakes will be exhausted and in need of a hot bath, followed by milk and cookies and several uninterrupted hours of Cartoon Network.

We have a new lost generation, raised on achievement trophies Sink or swim is the reality they are facing. Not the Obama cradle to grave future of government being there to help you in every phase of your life.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

In reality the alt-left has been in power for the last 8 years.
They have been intent on fundamentally transforming America. They have actually had quite a bit of success. While a battle has been won, the war is not over as we can see. The alt-left media and the alt-left democrats will be trying their best to disable the Trump administration from day 1. Why they believe that more of the same tactics that allowed Trump to win will now prevail, I just do not understand. I assume the more intelligent members will come up with a better strategy, probably to infiltrate the administration and attempt to destroy from within, just as they have always done.

Aaron White said...

Still waiting to hear about the dam.

doug_b said...

In reality, the left, the Progressives, whatever they call themselves, they are the haters. Committing violence, and protesting the results of an election. Never seen so many people throwing a tantrum.

As all good leftists they have learned to label anyone they disagree with as a racist / xenophobe / homophobe / islamophobe / which is supposed to immediately discredit the person. The other part is to shout down any opposing opinion.

Apparently they lack emotional and intellectual maturity to deal with the election results. It's hard for me to believe that people could actually be brainwashed to this degree. We have the government schools, universities, MSM, and the Democrat Party to thank for creating these monsters. And the Progressives say they don't feel safe - they are creating that very environment.

michael molovinsky said...

aaron@8:14, i will be back to local history and issues soon enough. in the meantime, i noted your complaints, and hosted comments supporting different points of view on the national election.

Geoff said...

So if prominent supporters of the President elect are white nationalists, when would it be ok to mention that?

Scott Armstrong said...

Geoff, Yes you may and we may read your attempt to associate the two as a smear. That is a reasonable assumption based on the well known and established tactics of the Left. It is curious that neither Obama or Hillary were ever held accountable for their radical associates and various extreme and unsavory people and organizations that support/ed them. One may use as an example the Reverend Wright who was the Pastor of the Church Barry attended.Then he put an avowed communist, Van Jones in his White House inner circle. Al Sharpton!
I'm sure there is no need to name all the wing nuts they chummed around with here. It is however a long and illustrative list.

JoshLCowen said...

Michael, thanks for that Goldwater poster on the right. Brings back fond memories. Even as a 14-year old kid in 'my heart I knew he was right.'

Geoff said...


Definitely NOT a member of the Left, nor do I use their "tactics" as you so crudely put it.

I'll ask the same question--would you see it as a problem when prominent advisors in key administration positions have close connections to people who advocate for white nationalist positions? So far, the answer seems to be no.