Nov 21, 2016

Obama Saves Planet Earth

You may recall that President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize before beginning his first term. It was bestowed upon him in hope of the change he promised to bring. Now, in an equally inspiring gesture, he has instructed his contemporaries in Europe to continue cooperating with the United States, even with Donald Trump. He has in essence given the world permission to keep turning, even with his departure. Now, if Germany and the other European nations do continue cooperating with the most powerful nation on earth remains to be seen, but they surely would not have without Obama's recommendation. They had been looking forward to weaning themselves against America's money in supporting NATO, United Nations and every other institution mostly bankrolled by United States. Some conservatives thought Obama was just an easy smile, with virtually no foreign policy chops, but this last trip sure set the record straight.

A draft of this post was inadvertently published for several minutes this past weekend.


Scott Armstrong said...

I'm sure the Beach Boys hit, "God only knows how they'll live without me" is playing in his head non-stop.

doug_b said...

What's the difference between Obama and God? God knows he's not Obama!

JoshLCowen said...

A legend in his own mind.

Geoff said...

Presumably on this "strict originalist" website we can agree:

1. President Obama is the President
2. Presidents meet with foreign leaders and give statements.
3. Many people are interested in what the President of the Inited States has to say on current events.

Which of these statements do you and Mr. Armstrong agree with?

doug_b said...

@Geoff: The POTUS is a self-centered, egotistical, community organizer, who never had a proper job in his life. At this point in time he should shut his mouth and let his term run out. I doubt anyone with good judgement cares what he has to say.

Scott Armstrong said...

Geoff, the point of the post was was Barry's narcissism. He may speak with whom he pleases and lemmings may chose to listen.

Geoff said...

Mr. Armstrong--as someone who served in a political office, perhaps you didn't appreciate some of the things that were thrown your way. It befits people like you who aspire to be a serious thinker on public issues to dignify yourself by showing proper respect to elected officials with considerable daily responsibilities.

Calling the President "Barry" makes you appear to be a childish and unsophisticated commentator. I'm sure these fantastic debating skills will result in President-elect Trump reopening Mack Trucks and Bethlehem Steel in the Lehigh Valley and in your next electoral run. Good luck with both.

Mr. B--Arguing that being a Senator or President of the United States is not a real job is also comical. I mean disagreeing is one thing, but hyperbole will get you nowhere.

I point out again--since you don't disagree with any of my points, then all you are really saying is that you disagree with his point of view. Big deal.