Nov 23, 2016

Obama Rewards Trump Bashers

Yesterday, President Obama bestowed the Metal of Freedom upon those celebrities who bashed Trump on Hillary's behalf during the recent presidential campaign. Among those being rewarded was Robert DeNiro, who wanted to punch Trump in the face. Others who met the criterion included Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen.

By now, some of you may realize that I'm using this post title as a teaser and introduction to a few other issues. The hot media topic, besides the election, is fake news. With declining hard copy newspaper sales, many readers are reducing themselves to just the titles of articles that appear on their mobile devices. Although the liberal left had declared Trump voters as low information people, that description crosses party lines.

Last, but not least, allow me to mention blogging and this site. Yesterday, I noticed that a few local readers believed that an associate broke an important story. Although, that particular blogger has indeed broken many stories, yesterday's post wasn't one of them, nor did he claim that it was. That false assumption was made by some of his readers, who apparently rely on a blog for local news. Although, I imply on my sidebar to have extra-terrestrial sources, it may not be totally true. Any insight I have about this valley is gleaned from every local news source that I can find, plus conversations with those few officials who still talk to me. Lastly, several readers have reprimanded me for posting on topics beyond the Lehigh Valley. As Steve Martin would say, EXCUSE ME.


Steven Ramos said...

I do remind people upset with the media that they never want to be accused of not reporting the truth you just might not find it on the front page. As for MonA; we appreciate your humor, the memories, the history lessons, and bringing attention to preserving our historic structures.

Scott Armstrong said...

Remember when rock stars were rebels, and Hollywood stars weren't insulting half their audience? The current group of celebrities are as ignorant of the plight of the average man as college and university professors. For this they are rewarded by an equally ignorant President. Most of America isn't watching anymore.

Robert Trotner said...

You mean Pawlowski and Dent are cohabiting without benefit of clergy??? Shocking!!!

Geoff said...

As one example, Tom Hanks made a tremendous movie (Saving Private Ryan) that reminded another generation of the sacrifices of World War II and spurred new interest in what U.S. veterans had done in France in 1944 and beyond.

Following the movie, he has spent a considerable amount of time advocating on behalf of veterans of the World War II, disabled veterans of our recent wars, and highlighting the tireless work those who care for veterans. His personal interactions with veterans and serving soldiers goes beyond even this.

As a veteran, I appreciate his personal care and interest in this very timely issue, and he has made films that have promoted a positive vision of America around the world. I'm sure that alone does enough to justify such an award.

If he participated in a political process--I would say again that this is his right as an American to advocate for any candidate. But to say this was the basis of a significant award is beyond laughable.

I realize in some self-obsessed quarters, this year's election was the most significant historical event ever and we should start a new calendar system with that as day one. However, for many of us great Americans have been doing great work that has nothing to do with politics. So maybe some can get over themselves a bit?

Geoff said...

It is also worth point out that the United States is a great country because we have a civil society that encourages people to publicly advocate for things they feel passionate about.

The Lehigh Valley, for example, is enriched by the energy that Mr. Molovinsky puts forward to highlight and defend our region's heritage.

Not every country has such a tradition, and we should be proud of it.

michael molovinsky said...

geoff, let me take this opportunity to address your comment here, and also on a previous post. my assertion that the medals were given for bashing Trump is what i call humor.

your assumption that nobody disagrees with you because they didn't directly respond is flawed. i prefer not to comment on my own blog posts, and in the past have discouraged back and forth dialogue between readers. that said, your comments are most welcome, as are all opposing comments.

JoshLCowen said...

Advocating 'for' a candidate is a great American tradition. However, when Hollywood stars tear apart a candidate with which they disagree it is called bad marketing.
The NFL's declining attendance and ratings is exhibit #1 that we are close to the breaking point of having our sensibilities ridiculed.

Robert Trotner said...

I think your column in the past month or so has been a fake news source.

doug_b said...

@Trotner: I'm glad to read your posts. I never thought that my fellow citizens were so bitter. I and many others have put up with Obama, his lies, and his self-centeredness. We didn't riot, we didn't protest. But now with the election of Trump, we see the many Americans that have been brainwashed by the government schools, universities, and the MSM.

Bob, show some adult, emotional stability, and go with the next four years.