Nov 18, 2016

John Bolton, A Man For The Times

Recently, a king maker in New Hampshire looked over Rick Santorum, and said that he had the right look to run for President. Nobody is saying that about John Bolton, but he has the right stuff. Bolton, in addition to being a former United Nations Ambassador, was involved in national security positions with both Bush Administrations. He may well be the most informed candidate, on national security issues, the Republicans could hope to find. He believes that Obama's foreign policy emboldens our enemies, and the recent North Korean aggression seems to bear that out. Domestically, he favors repealing old laws, not passing new ones. Although Bolton feels that Obama has put world interests ahead of that of United States, he realizes that after three and half years in office, Obama will be very articulate about world affairs. Nobody would have more international expertise, to go toe to toe with the smooth talking Obama, than John Bolton.

ADDENDUM: The above post is reprinted from December of 2010. At the time, I was hoping that Bolton would be a candidate against Obama in 2012.  Likewise, I was hoping that he would be a candidate in 2016. He is by far the most qualified of those now being considered by Trump for Secretary of State. Consideration for Bolton is being opposed by Rand Paul.  It's interesting how those in Washington who were outright opposed to Donald Trump, would now like to be his trusted advisers.


Dave said...

I have been watching John Bolton on television several years. I don't know why, but every time he comes on TV to provide analysis about one foreign policy/event or another I really perk up to hear what he has to say. He provides an insightful, powerful, no punch-pulled analysis of foreign policy issues revealing his vast knowledge and ability to articulate the problem and solution (unlike the Obama Sec of States we've had).

He would be very effective and a strong Secretary of State if he's chosen by Trump.

TRENT HALL said...

Except that he never sees a situation that wouldn't profit from being bombed.

A total wack job war monger, he was so little regarded by even Republicans that Bush 43 never dared to send his nomination to the REPUBLICAN controlled Senate.....Bush made him a recess appointment, so he never underwent confirmation for the less than a year he served. Since Bush-Chenny ignored the UN to invade Iraq, Bolton had nothing to do and no one to talk to at the was a complete photo opp sop to the alt right.....completely meaningless since no one in the Government took him seriously. Bush ignored him...even the Israelis thought he was loony and declined his suggestion they bomb Iran. He was strictly fun fare for the Sunday TV talk shows, especially the Faux News low information viewers.

Trump is sending serious trial balloons that his choice for Secretary of State is either Romney, if he wants it, or Niki Haley. Since the national security slots have already been selected (save for Homeland Security, which is probably Rudy's if he wats it)the only slot left for Bolton would be back to the UN, which is a zero influence position in a Trump Administration. But, it would allow Bolton to tighten his tinfoil him better reception from the mother ship and even permitting him to receive more channels from his favorite black hole.

george schaller said...

I thought Trey Gowdy was going to be appointed to several positions in the president elects cabinet!

Robert Trotner said...

Giuliani is a lock. His influence was essential to Comey's October Surprise, without which Trump could never have been elected. Trump is stuck with him.