Nov 24, 2016

Allentown As The Little Apple

Before we start, if you're looking for some nice holiday sentiment, click away now, it's not here. I've called Allentown the Little Apple, but that's unfair to New York City. The comparison gives Allentown too much credit, even with the Revitalization. Understand, that the entire revitalized area is primarily owned by just one person, and that's just too freakish for anywhere, even here. Understand, that we have a newspaper that not only doesn't question that, it promotes it. Understand, that we have a mayor who is the center of a FBI investigation, who goes around like nothing's wrong. Talk about an elephant, or hippo in the room.

 reprinted from November 2015


JoshLCowen said...

So true about ONE major player in the NIZ. The Morning Call always refers to 'generous' tax breaks. How come only one guy seems to agree? Is nobody else interested in this Renaissance? And the poor schnook who owns the Americus is treated like dirt. I wish he would float private bonds to finish that beautiful building. I'd be in. It is as if anybody who wanted to preserve some semblance of Allentown's wonderful past was bypassed to play in the NIZ sandbox.

michael molovinsky said...

josh@6:30, you're correct in that much can be said about the current playing field in allentown, and I have posted often on that topic. however, what i find most interesting about this post from a year ago is that nothing has changed concerning the mayor's dilemma.

Robert Trotner said...

I think someone hijacked you and waa writing your columns for about a month and just released you. Its good to have you back.