Sep 23, 2016

Trump In The White House

I'm so amused at the liberals and their fear of Trump. They actually equate a victory by him with the end of the Earth. Let me assure them that we will all still be here for the 2020 election, when they can again let their hysteria go wild.

It would be incorrect to interpret this post as pro-Trump, rather I remain amazed at the hostility towards him by the Clinton supporters.  I see otherwise rational people pulling their hair out about his candidacy.

It is my intention to vote for Mr. Johnson.  However, I will remain in the United States after whoever wins.


Scott Armstrong said...


Hatred of anyone who isn't a Democrat/liberal is the glue that unites the Democratic Party. While Republicans seek out heretics within their ranks Democrats and the left unite on the simple goal of defeating the right whom they believe represents all that is evil, selfish, and bigoted in the world.
To prove my point let me point out that there is a legion of well know Republicans who are vocal opponents of Trump, now let me ask;can anyone name a single Democrat of note who isn't in lock step with Hillary?

Jamie Kelton said...

Good Morning Mr Molovinski.

If all of the Progressives who threatened to leave the United States if Donald Trump wins the election would actually leave, our nation would be a much better place after they're gone.

However, have no fear, they won't leave. Liberals never do what they say; they only do what they want to instead and just not tell you they're doing it.

Monkey Momma said...

I'd say Trump has deliberated courted the hostility he's earned. His marketing strategy relies on stirring up a healthy dose of hate, which he has done extraordinarily well.

Dave said...

You know, I doubt that any other of those 17 republicans running for president could have beaten Hillary. That is what the Bush's, the Romneys, and the other Republicans who don't like Trump need to tell themselves without a scintilla of proof.

As for the great, silent majority of Americans having never learned history. It is the opposite. We DID learn history. It is the societal elites in the self-appointed "Leadership Class" who have not learned and have no intention of learning history because it doesn't fit their narrative. It is the "uneducated" and of course, "deplorable" Trump supporters who actually know the history of the founding of this country. We also know that what the Leadership Class want for this country is not what our founders ever had in mind and actually warned us against.

Trump supporters like that he is not politically correct. We like that he hits back at the media when they lie. We like that he will not back down. We are sick of the Leadership Class of elites of both parties (Clintons, Bushes) treating us like the forgotten stepchildren.

We've seen our nation being dragged slowly down and down over the past thirty years or so, and it is time for real change so we can again be the Shining City on a Hill that was immortalized by Ronald Reagan.

Scott Armstrong said...

M.M. The Democrats hated Romney just as much! Remember the lies that were supplied to justify the hate? Dog on roof of car, removed man from health care plan and wife died of cancer as a result, was a prep school bully, ...If Jeb Bush was the Republican candidate now they would hate him to.

Jamie Kelton said...

As my dad told me on the phone this morning.

The first debate is Monday. All the preliminaries are over with

Time for Americans to decide. The main event is about to begin.

George Ruth said...

Monkeymamma....can you give me an example of Trump's 'hate' of anybody. ISIS doesn't count.

george schaller said...

The alein's are coming to take us to there planet!

Geoff said...

there are plenty of reasons for non partisan people to be very concerned about a candidate who seems to think international affairs is as simple as imposing will.

Scott Armstrong said...

or by ones who bring a "reset" button to her first meeting with Russian leaders. How did that work out. hey this election is about who is less bad.

Geoff said...


1. Low-cost attempts to improve relations with other big countries are worth trying. Not saying it worked out, or that I share the assumptions, but what honestly did it cost us?

2. Following that--to correct a too soft Russia policy, the Republican party nominates a candidate who admires an authoritarian state and has advisers who meet with the senior leaders of the Russian regime? As someone who has trended Republican my whole life, I find this astonishing.

Again--when a country is trying to shape the international environment in means short of war, it takes patience and time, not slogans. The nonsense this man peddles on foreign policy beggars belief.

Scott Armstrong said...


Her record as secretary of state is impossible to defend with any credibility. Her record on integrity is appalling. Trump is a big problem, she is even worse!

Christine Sforza said...

Considering the recent reports on her many and varied health issues, I thought she'd have to be carried off the stage, but she held up pretty well. It was I who nearly fell off my chair when I heard her strongly imply that there were "moral" differences between her and Mr. Trump that make her clearly the better candidate. Since when is morality a strong point in the Clinton household? A lawyer fired for being a sneak, a first lady who muscled her way into the health insurance issues with a plan developed by nitwits, a Secretary of State who failed even to understand her responsibility to maintain confidentiality and security,and then quit the job, and a husband who's been off the track for their entire marriage but apparently still has political capitol she can spend on herself. This is a perennial candidate, who's strongest trait is hubris, not morality. As potentially the first woman president, she's a well-poisoner at best and a toxic dump at least. With Trump, there is immaturity and arrogance and vindictiveness, but I do believe he will listen to the people and have hope that he will make a few needed changes to immigration, national security and trade and debt, and maybe even keep us out of war. Like Obama, she is neither listening
nor talking to me.