Sep 26, 2016

Pawlowski Puts Facts On The Ground

Pawlowski went ahead and had his nominee for Community Development Director start work, although the majority of Council indicated that they wouldn't approve him.  Meanwhile, back at the council chambers, council said that they couldn't fit the vote in until mid October.   Will they have the fortitude to send someone packing after he has already been working almost a month?

To me, the delay of the vote already indicates acceptance by council.  I have often seen things put on the schedule at the last moment to accommodate one agenda or person.  Another irony of this situation is that the administration is justifying the pre-approval hiring based on an opinion from a previous solictor, who of course served at Pawlowski's pleasure.  Council voted for no confidence in Pawlowski,  and I have little confidence that council will assert itself in this matter.


Scott Armstrong said...

Will anyone save us from corrupt and feckless government? One thing for sure, it won't be the voters.

Dave said...

I remember the 1960s when the City Council members were also the Department Heads. I don't recall any Community Development Director, so this must have been something Daddona created.

Somehow the City of Allentown functioned better with less bureaucrats. But then, look at all the unemployed city workers that would cause if we went back to the Council-Mayor form of government.

C PG said...

They need time to take a head bobbleling course on left to right bobble. They are only trained in up and down bobbleling so they need more time.

george schaller said...

A vote of no confidence is meaningless unless they hold there footing on that vote! We also have to look at those that have direct family members employeed for favors in voting of the mayors poppcock brain hemmoraging failures into effect, and than there are those that have been collecting exponentially high pension because of the mayors brain hemmorages?
The mayor should be 302ed because he is a danger to the whole city as well as himself?

Rich Fegley said...

We were all told by City Council President Ray O'Connell to sit back, shut up, and wait for the FBI to finish their investigation of the Mayor and the employees at City Hall.

So we all continue to wait. I bet Trump wouldn't be silent about this if he was in Allentown. Clinton walked away, she sent Pawlowski's donation back.

So we all continue to wait for the FBI just as President O'Connell instructed us.