Sep 22, 2016

Obama's Gift To Trump

While another immigrant terrorized NYC with bombs this past weekend, Obama told the United Nations that walls only imprison us. He is so in love with the sound of  his own voice, that he doesn't understand how out of touch his words actually are.  While his words didn't even electrify the choir to which  he was preaching,  outside that building, his words were totally off-key.  He doesn't understand that Lady Liberty didn't mean to welcome blood hungry terrorists with meat cleavers. Pictured above a NYC cop, several days after being attacked by another terrorist just last week.

Obama is actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton.  He did her no good with his UN speech.


Scott Armstrong said...


The average Democrat seems oblivious to any connections between Obama's presidency and the dire straights the country and the world finds itself in. I just can't understand it. America is now reliving all the ugliness of the late 60's and early seventies with rampant division, racial strife and a bad economy. The world has become a very unstable place with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and millions on the move as refugees from conflict. In light of all this Obama himself sees none of it as his fault,and clearly his supporters are following his lead like sheep.He is their shepherd, they are his flock, and in their minds Trump is the only wolf to worry about.

Dave said...

Any candidate that supports the organized thuggery of Black Lives Matter does not get my vote.

michael molovinsky said...

dave@9:32, i understand that there is a specific organization of that name, but i'm not familiar with their agenda. however, there is certainly a general perception that too many black lives are being lost unjustifiably.

Scott Armstrong said...


That perception is the narrative of those who have their own agenda. One that frankly is counter productive to both the black community and the nation itself.

george schaller said...

We all didn't just see Don King the boxing manager for Tyson, telling blacks as well as women vote to trump and stop slavery?