Sep 27, 2016

Trump Wins Debate

Recently, I did a post on the liberal hysteria about Donald Trump.  I put the piece on social media, and the group went crazy.  Rather than discuss the media phenomena to which I was referring,  they went right after Trump, as on cue.  I believe that this hysteria is fueled by their perception that indeed Trump may win the White House.  In another recent post,  I questioned the validity of the local college poll, which had Mrs. Clinton ahead by 9 points.  One week later, they report that the lead has shrunk to 3 points.  I believe that one week later, they realized what fools they had made of themselves, and decided to be more honest in their new tally.

We then learned that Mrs. Clinton will be prepared for the debate.  Two months ago, they considered the debate a joke,  after all, Clinton went to law school, was a senator and Secretary of State. Then, we learn that she will be prepared.  In other words,  they lowered the expectations about her performance.

Last night, after the 90 minute rumble, the pundits agreed in unison that Hillary had won. They found her more presidential, and felt that Trump went down too many rabbit holes.  They are wrong. Who won is who moves up and down in the polls. I believe that the upward move will be by Trump.  The public is not satisfied with the status quo, and has lost faith in damn statistics.  The case to be made was for change,  and Hillary failed to convince that she could bring any.


Dave said...

Couldn't help but notice that Lester Holt kept interrupting Trump every time he would make a point, heard the phrase "Mr Trump... Mr Trump... Mr Trump...." several times, while he would let Mrs Clinton ramble on well over her time without interrupting her.

Also Lester Holt made sure he asked Trump about his taxes, the birther conspiracy, theory, stop-and-frisk, and just what in hell is the “A presidential look"? Then at the end, he asked if the other would accept the election results, as if Trump was going to lead a South American type revolution in the streets if he lost?

On the other hand, there were no questions from Holt on the Clinton Foundation, Immigration, and when Trump brought up Hillary's private servers, Holt scolded the audience and didn't ask ANY questions to Clinton about it.

Although Lester Holt said he didn't discuss or divulge his questions to anyone, it's quite clear that he didn't want the same treatment by the Progressives that Matt Lauer received earlier this month when he dared to ask Hillary some questions that made her uncomfortable.

Despite this, Trump managed a stalemate at the end, and we'll find out by this weekend how the polls change as a result of this.

Scott Armstrong said...

My debate analysis; I basically agree with you.Hillary threw everything she had at Trump tonight and didn't knock him out! He missed a million opportunities. This he will see on the replay and have up his sleeve for round two and three. She is in my opinion out of ammunition.

Robert Trotner said...

Michael, I admire your local work, but Trump was unpreoated and flummoxed after the first 15 minutes. I don't think he came across well at all.

Robert Trotner said...


michael molovinsky said...

robert@10:03, i have no dispute with your observation, i just don't think that who " won" the debate in college debate terms is irrelevant. how the debate will affect the election polling is the only things that really counts. by that criterion, i think that he did fine, and hillary was flat.

doug_b said...

I don't believe either one won.

Hillary represents the same old status quo of Democrats: Forcing companies to give profit sharing / affordable day care (what the hell is the definition of affordable?) / affordable college / government creating jobs / promoting unions and striking down right to work laws. Just more spending, more taxes, more income distribution. She knows nothing about economics.

I thought Trump did a good job, attacking the status quo, and explaining how cutting corporate taxes would bring back jobs. He missed an opportunity when Hillary said "Cutting taxes for rich people." Trump should have said: "Has a poor person ever given anyone a job?" Holt asked a stupid question about cyber security - like either of the candidates could do anything about it - but Trump missed a big opportunity to bring up Hillary's E-Mail server.

It was hardly a 'debate'. More like reiterating their ideas. Hope the next one has more action.

Ray Nemeth Sr said...

Trump did what was expected and needed at this point, he was reasonable, respectful and did not come off as a threat to anyone. If you want to check out something interesting, watch the debate again, and see Clinton looking down at notes during her answers, she was reading her responses, which were made to use all the time, this may not be against the rules, but I have yet to hear anyone point it out. I don't think this debate will result in real moves for anyone, but I would not be surprised to see polls with her getting a boost. Pollsters only need to be right in the last week before the election.

george schaller said...

in my own words, just another political carnival sideshow. Now we have trump sniffing coke or something and when hillary was being loaded in the back of van by black bodygard after some flakka intack she ate his face off and he will never be seen again! also that was a body double for clinton standing in while her flakka abuse continues and secret service people dissapper from her employ? After the debates the entire USA will be becomming one big rave with all participating until election day/