Sep 21, 2014

The Wehr's Dam Conspiracy

Recent articles concerning Wehr's Dam have been headlined Dam's Days May Be Numbered, Trying To Save The Dam, etc. This past week the dam was inspected by gentlemen who only identified themselves as being from Harrisburg. I can only assume it's the DEP, accommodating the Wildlands Conservancy, with whose cooperation and grants 9 dams have already been demolished in the Valley. My problem is that the dam was inspected a couple of years ago, and rated low hazard, which is the best rating this dam hating state gives. Such dams are scheduled to be inspected every five years, so some influence was used to have this recent inspection. In June, when South Whitehall Commissioner President Christina Morgan asked the Wildlands how to handle potential objectors to demolishing the dam, the Wildlands recommended an informational meeting to educate the public about the damn dams. This meeting will soon be announced by South Whitehall. Although the dam was low hazard two years ago, I fully expect a new, much more dire report. Anybody who has visited the dam realizes that the concrete wall, complete with buttresses, would stand unattended for another 100 years. I'm fed up with the concept that thousands of local residents must defend our dam. It's time for Morgan to tell the Wildlands to move on. It's time for Morgan to include the dam in the recently enacted Historical Overlay District. Covered Bridge Park was not meant to be a workshop for the Wildlands Conservancy. Christina Morgan was not elected to do their bidding. Enough is enough.


Dreaming of Justice said...

It's just an example of dam(ned) corruption.

This is past ridiculous- are we to gather EVERY person's signature in South Whitehall?

What is it going to take?

Charlie J said...

the Dam meeting is October 9th at 5PM (when most people are just leaving work)at the building next to wehrs Dam, it is on the south whitehall webbsysite