Sep 23, 2014

A Campaign For Change

In six weeks from now you will hopefully be going to the polls to elect those whom you have decided can best represent you. Although I'm in need of neither a job or career, I decided this past April to offer my advocacy to the voters. Redistricting has put my neighborhood in the 183rd District, which is an enormous geographical area, stretching from Slatington east to north of Bath. The current incumbent there, running for her 21st year in office, concentrates her efforts in getting reelected every two years. She sends birthday cards by the thousands, and gives out certificates by the hundreds. She has brought back very little in state benefits to her constituents, who have now been short-changed for two decades. While the party machines campaign to perpetuate the status quo, I'm an Independent for change. I benefit from no party fundraisers. My fundraiser is that paypal button on the sidebar of this blog. Although most of you do not live in the 183rd, I ask you to consider a donation to my campaign. You are living in a state where out of 253 representatives and senators, not one is an independent or from a third party. It's time for the voters of the Lehigh Valley to say that they had enough with politics as usual.  I need some financial help to get my message out to the voters. I'm not looking for a few large donations from party fatcats, I want modest contributions from the people, who want change in Harrisburg. Thank you.

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