Sep 19, 2014

It's Getting Dam Interesting

I learned early this morning, ironically from an anonymous comment, that there is most likely an impropriety occurring in South Whitehall, in regard to the Wehr's Dam. The very engineer that sits on South Whitehall's dais with the Commissioners, has the Wildlands Conservancy as a client.
Here is a tidbit about the south whitehall dam situation. The engineer for the township lists the wildlands conservancy as a client....                                              
On Wednesday evening, when I stated that the engineer was stonewalling the opponents, I had no idea about the conflict of interest.  In light of this revelation, it appears that the public's interest in preserving the dam might have to seek intervention through the court.

ADDENDUM: In the course of the last several Township Commissioner meetings, there has been some hesitation about engineering studies on the dam which would advise the commissioners. Although some Commissioners had previously directed the Administration to prepare an independent report on the dam's condition,  that directive was not implemented. Never once did the township's engineer, Ralph Russek, or Commission President Christina Morgan,  disclose that Russek's primary employer, Pidcock Engineering,  also represents the Wildlands.  Although this explains the hedging on the independent report, it shows a lack of candour toward the public effort to retain the dam.  Furthermore, out of the blue, Morgan now favors bringing the issue forward.  Morgan is said to support the Wildlands, which last October demolished the dams in Lehigh Parkway,  immediately after obtaining Allentown City Council permission.

UPDATE: I have deleted the portion of the anonymous comment alleging to arrangements between Wildlands and Jaindl Land Company.  A spokesperson for Jaindl categorically denies that any such arrangements ever existed.


Dreaming of Justice said...

Way to take it to 'em Mr. Molovinsky. Just the way we need it in the 183rd!

monkey momma said...

What a revolting development. It's just despicable. He should have declared his conflict of interest the moment this was brought to the township. It's extremely shady and supports the notion that this is all being done for primarily financial interests.

michael molovinsky said...

momma@8:59, i'm becoming suspicious about another possible shenanigan, more about that in tomorrow's post.