Sep 26, 2014

The Morning Arena

The Allentown based newspaper, The Morning Arena, formally The Morning Call, is having a special feature this Sunday on guess what, Behind The Scenes at the arena. Besides for the Governor's race, bands that have cancelled at the arena are getting much more attention than candidates that are still running for the State House. As the area's only independent candidate, who received no coverage during the primary election cycle, I feel somewhat short-changed in terms of the equal time and space doctrine.

I do have a plan to get coverage,  I will submit the above paragraph to Bill White's bad writing contest.  


doug_b said...

All these liberal newspapers are the same: they mainly print press releases, human interest stories, and sports. There is no investigative / substansive reporting.

By not printing about the canidates they can maintain the stuatus quo. By not mentioning your name, the incumbent is more likely to win.

I attribute this to the gubmint scrools where they have failed miserably to impress a sense of seriousness and intellectualism.

Anonymous said...

Journalist Bill White's opinion today is that saving Wehr's Dam shouldn't be a top comment?

michael molovinsky said...

@8:38, nearly 3,000 local residents have signed a petition to save the dam, history and beauty of the park. many thousands of others feel the same way. to replace that iconic vista with a 6 foot high wall of weeds (riparian buffer) would be obscene. numerous environmentalist support my position, revealing that the wildlands science is not site specific in this unique case.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, maybe the morning call should do a story on how allentown will not allow any street vendors a slice of the niz. I went to the street vendor seminar and basically you're not allowed anywhere in Allentown. So much for the little guy...smh

Anonymous said...

Maybe the morning call should do a story on the allentown parking authority. They seem to prcatice classism by sucking money out of poor neighborhoods to build new garages around the niz.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Molovinsky,

Naturally, street vendors can never be allowed to damage the optics of any proper Potemkin Village.

The Flyers scrimmage at the glorious Pawlowski Palace of Sport was sold out today --- this, of course, validates the righteousness of the entire NIZ Revolution.

Forward to progress, Comrade!

Soviet Red Army (retired)

Dreaming of Justice said...

Since the monstrously designed stadium seems to have become the sole subject matter of note for the Morning Know-it-All, and has essentially taken on a life of it's own anyway, I propose a specific mascot for it. A mascot that reflects the drooling greed and avarice that were the underpinnings of the entire project. A mascot whose visage mirrors the crudeness in which the stadium has bisected numerous city blocks and altered the character of neighborhoods. A mascot with the odor to symbolize the nefarious dealing that benefited a few but guaranteed decent work for none.
Ladies and Gentlemen and Trolls, I give you: THE ARENA HYENA!