Sep 24, 2014

Looking For Visibility

If you're willing to host a yard sign, and live on Routes 309, 873, 329, 145, 248, 946 or anywhere else with high visibility in the 183rd State House District, please contact me by comment. Leave your name and phone number, but such contact information will not be printed. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Completely off topic but, perhaps, interesting nevertheless :

The Philadelphia Flyers vs Lehigh Valley Phantoms exhibition game at the $ 177.1 million dollar Pawlowski Palace of Sport this Saturday night is not even close to being sold out.

2,000 tickets (to an arena that holds 8,500 spectators for hockey) are still available as of Thursday mid-morning.

It should be remembered that the Lehigh Valley IronPigs had no trouble filling Coca-Cola Park back in 2008 when the Philadelphia Phillies came to town.

Anonymous said...

MM. Rolf is completely wrong. As 1 pm there were less 100 tickets left. This comes directly from the Phantoms FB page.

"CHECK IT OUT! Less than 100 tickets remain for the Battle on Hamilton! Get them while you still can at or by calling 610-347-TIXX #puckdown2014"

ironpigpen said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

I spoke to a ticket agent who works for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms at 10:30 AM and merely reported what I was told.

The agent did acknowledge that the Flyers vs Phantoms tickets were actually being handled by PPL Center and he did not have hard numbers in front of him --- so I asked for the agent's ballpark assessment of the situation, taking it for granted he would have a clue.

Very glad to know, however, that the an ardent NIZ Cheerleader, although unwilling to stick their neck out and sign their name, did not miss the opportunity to tell me how "wrong" I am.

I greatly admire true courage.

And I do wish nothing but the best of luck for all NIZ Cheerleaders everywhere with their little bread & circus at the transformative Pawlowski Palace of Sport on Saturday!

Most respectfully,

Rolf Oeler