Sep 28, 2014

South Whitehall's Sweet Spot

For decades before it was called Covered Bridge Park, people would visit Wehr's Dam. The combination of water going over the dam and under the bridge is a visual duet. In his column yesterday, Bill White wouldn't even allow his dog to swim in the mill pond, but would allow park decisions to be dictated by the Wildlands Conservancy. If White had taken his dog to the parks in Allentown this summer, he also couldn't swim, because of the high weed barrier along the creek's edge. Anybody who would want to exchange a beautiful vista for a wall of weeds doesn't understand why parks were created. Taking over is what the Wildlands has done with the Allentown Park System. One out of town park director after another, has been hired to serve the Conservancy's agenda. But I digress, we're here to defend Wehr's Dam from the Wildlands Conservancy's demolition. As a defender of the dam, I resent that we citizens must defend our parks. In a better government, the Commissioners would be the defenders, instead of bending to outside agendas. Bill White underestimates the number of dam supporters at 2,000. There are currently 3,000, 90% of which signed the petition while at the dam. Although the Commissioners insist on adhering to the Wildlands time table for it's decision, they should understand that by spring they will have offended 6,000 people. We will not go away. Although the Commissioners may be willing to hand over our park's history and beauty, we will make no concessions in defending the park.
photograph by K Mary Hess


Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually take Bill White or the Morning Call seriously anymore? That operation lost its journalistic integrity a decade ago. Using the same logic about the removal of Wehr's Dam, let's consider also removing the Lehigh River dam behind the America On Wheels Museum in Allentown. How is that structure any diffrent? Besides, if there is grant money available, it MUST be spent!

You are correct, the park stream through Allentown has been totally destroyed by these same Utopian fools. Allentown's parks now look unkempt, shabby, like areas we expect to see in Newark or Camden. Totally ridiculous.

When's the last time we've seen parents with young children enjoying those streams, tossing a stone, dangling their toes,or pretending to fish with a
stick? That's what urban parks should provide. Nature can adjust again to carefully mowed stream banks, I am sure.

michael molovinsky said...

@9:10, the key word in allentown parks is parks. the key word in wildlands conservancy is wildlands. you're correct that the parks have been depreciated.

Dreaming of Justice said...

I tried to enjoy the Lehigh Parkway and the gnats and weeds drove me out.

Can't even find a view to take a photo.
It's pretty sad. And the park sucks now.