Sep 29, 2014

Park Creeks Before The Hijack

The blogger LVCI makes an eloquent case for Allentown's traditional park system,  before being hijacked by the Wildlands Conservancy.

Park Creeks Which Would You Rather?

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Anonymous said...

I redd the other article about caged rocks and seem to remember along the jordan creek some time ago these were used for trout ladders,as well as rock structures built by colledge students for free? This was a summer project as well as working being life guards at local pools and playgrounds?

One thing I really like that was there was a water run off map? Now with that map there should also be a drinking water map of the old lead lines that the FED had allocated for these feed lines? I don't know but on the block were I reside there is still lead lines underground, and there was a moritorium put on this same block that was broken by allentowns enginerring enginerrs before the blacktop had cured? This being because said line from main sprung a leak?

This is the same system that was sold and propoor maintanance negated by city officials? The colledge hights blvd. instance seems to come to mind as now lehighcounty has to claim ignorance for the city as to the falsifieing of maintanence records by alletowns water dept officiails under direct orders of current administration? This now being a peril that residents have to insure for besides there normal insurance that is only climbing asteromically within the city limits?

Tonight the children in ASD junior high and high school are meeting to solve allentowns issues? It seems to me they should be allentowns administration because they probably stand a better chance?

patent pending