Jul 18, 2014

Fight The Machine, Defend The Beauty

The view and experience of the water going over the dam and under the covered bridge is unique to Covered Bridge Park in South Whitehall. Last fall, Wildlands Conservancy diminished Robin Hood, in Lehigh Parkway, by removing the small WPA dam. They also removed the trout nursery dam, resulting in the massive fish kill last Monday. That dam regulated the amount of water entering the fish hatchery raceway during storms. The rain last Monday wasn't so unusual, what was different was that there was no dam to protect the hatchery. Please join me tomorrow at the Covered Bridge Park, Pavilion #2, between noon and 2:00pm, to let the South Whitehall Commissioners know that they must keep Wehr's Dam. The history and beauty of the park belongs to the current and future residents.

photograph by K Mary Hess

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