Jul 18, 2014

No Firewall Pretense

The Morning Call has become an official sponsor of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. The article in today's paper unblushingly declares them supporters of the NIZ and Allentown's redevelopment. A local business professor explains how this corporate affiliation benefits the community. I wonder what an old school journalism professor might think? On the sidebar of their webpage there's a video lauding Pat Browne as the architect of Allentown's renewal. I wonder what treatment a future political opponent of Browne's might receive? With the taxpayer's price tag approaching $1billion dollars for Allentown's Renewal, who will watching for, and reporting on any wrongdoing?


Anonymous said...

No one is watching.

Did you hear about the flooding in the arena this week? At least 3" of water in the building, water pouring from AC vents.

And no further reports on what it actually cost. Last reported number $272 million which means, assuming a modest 10% cost overrun, it'll actually cost at $300 million.


The Banker

Ron Beitler said...

Maybe I just dont understand this enough. Maybe there is something to the fact Mcall has been a cheerleader for the NIZ from the beginning. I count myself as one now, but it's after struggling with it for awhile.

But with this, isn't this just basically an advertising relationship?

Haven't papers always had to cover those who advertised with them? I'm not a journalist..... I don't know the ethics of it. But that's my initial thought.

Anonymous said...

Flooding couldn't have happened in the srena. I didn't read anything about it in the Call.

Oh wait, I guess that's the point of the post.

michael molovinsky said...

ron@9:58, i would think just the contrary, that journalistically a paper should attempt to maintain a firewall between the news and the advertising departments. favoritism was courted by the NIZ when the Morning Call was included in the district, although it's located on the north side of linden street.

Anonymous said...

Great, now the front page can be shared with the Sands Casino. Correct me if I am wrong, however, isn't the Mcall property a NIZ parcel?

Anonymous said...

Follow the "Money Trail" people!!
Where is it coming from??, and where is it going?? More importantly WHO will benefit the most??
Remember you cannot have "critical thinking" without " cognitive reflective reasoning" Use your "noodles" carefully, and there is your answer.....PJF

Anonymous said...

It is simply not a good idea for a newspaper to 'sponsor' any local organization. Will we get truthful news when a player is accused of a crime? How about when team ownership/management are not acting ethiclally. If MC simply worked out an advertising 'trade' agreement (signage in the arena in exchange for ads in the paper) I could buy into this. MC has similar 'deal' with Iron Pigs. Someday the journalistic judgement will be held to question.

Dreaming of Justice said...

Corruption, that's what that smell is.
The best antiseptic is daylight.