Jul 20, 2014

Contributing To The Truth

Sunday's Morning Call features the PAC started by J.B. Reilly and his partner Joe Topper, to support those candidates who have supported their investment in Allentown's renewal. I was simply astonished as I read the article. Although the report repeatedly refers to Reilly and Topper investing in Allentown, in truth the taxpayers have made the investment, to the partner's benefit. Even the seed money to purchase property was fronted to them by the Arena Authority. The debt service on their privately owned new buildings is being paid for with state taxes. The candidates who they are supporting with the PAC are the enablers of this one of a kind private/public partnership. It's one of a kind, because in no way could the state budget afford any more of this. Reilly and Topper in essence have won the $billion dollar state lottery, they're even allowed to use the state cigarette tax toward their mortgages. At least one of the candidates they're supporting has never had an opponent, in the primary or general election. What are they really supporting?

To readers of this blog, who find it a source of truth, I ask you to contribute to my campaign for State Representative. If you live in the 183rd District, you should consider contributing because Julie Harhart has brought nothing back to the district for decades. If you live elsewhere in the Lehigh Valley, I humbly ask you to also contribute. I will be taking an unprecedented level of truth, bluntness and integrity back and forth to Harrisburg. I also ask that you share this post on your facebook page, and ask your friends to do likewise. Your  consideration is greatly appreciated.  I have installed a paypal button.

Those not registered with paypal can contribute by check or money order to Michael Molovinsky, Designated Account.
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Anonymous said...

It was interesting that the article didn't list the political influence already paid for - Heather Browne's $300k in annual consuting fees being paid by Reilly and Topper:


Sure it's separate Pat. Why would we doubt you?

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, they're supporting themselves.

This is a disgusting display of crony capitalism. Developers getting favorable treatment from the government and then using that money - our money - to grease the politicians that will keep the gravy train rolling.

Complain all you want about big donors on the left and the right, but this is 1,000 times worse. A real newspaper would have been skewering those involved for their involvement in this scam, not white-washing it with quotes about commitment to the "urban core" of the valley's cities.

This has everything to do with the core of a select few's wallets.

Anonymous said...

The perfect system that our forfathers had put in olace to protect the public from this type of unAmerican Dealings is broke?

We now have people that are supposed to be protecting us from this type of dealings in seat They are participating for the enormous campaign donations and gifts?

Look over at bernies blog there importing more children to the area for the grant grab? There are many children right here that are being fail as the grades on pa schools are at an all time low?

This is not to mention the other issues that have been swept under the rug because of this development for the peoples best intrest?

patent pending

michael molovinsky said...

redd@10:47, the border, and especially the children, is a complex issue. i do not believe in vilifying those who advocate enforcing border laws.