Jan 5, 2014

Pawlowski's Facebook Responses

Having a problem with Allentown city government, you might want to try Facebook instead of City Hall. Early this morning,  Mayor Ed Pawlowski used Facebook to assure Joanne Bauer that he would have the new police chief investigate her complaints. Joanne had her car stolen, and that was only the beginning of her ordeal. She wasn't happy with the way the Allentown Police responded, or didn't, along each stage of the crime. Bernie O'Hare will report on Joanne's full story tomorrow.  The mayor regularly answers questions on his Facebook page, but also reaches out to concerns posted on other pages.

UPDATE: Bernie O'Hare has an excellent post on Joanne's ordeal, and concludes that the Allentown Police Department fails it's citizens, partially because of low man power.  I had similar experiences with the police department 20+ years ago, when manpower wasn't an issue.  In truth, gathering evidence from a stolen car would be a low priority task in the best of times.  While it's a trauma for Joanne, Pawlowski managed to gain some public relations miles from the incident, via Facebook.

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