Jan 7, 2014

The Promise of Daryl Hendricks

The mayor and city council were sworn in last night. According to The Morning Call, Pawlowski patted himself on the back with vigor, then told a white lie. He said that he will work with members of his administration to weave respect and accomplishment. Pawlowski is known as an autocrat, he may work with people, but not people below him. But this post isn't about Pawlowski, or Lehigh Parkway's Robin Hood Bridge pictured above, it's about the promise of Daryl Hendricks. Hendricks just retired as a captain from the police department, and is the only new face on council. Last night he said,"I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious of a matter to be left to the politicians,...I will do my best to fulfill those duties you have afforded me and bestowed upon me." City Council had an opportunity to exert themselves this past fall and prevent a parkway gem from being despoiled, as shown above. Except for Jeanette Eichenwald, exerting themselves has never been a forte of this council. Hendricks has a needed institutional memory and knowledge of Allentown. Regardless his political ambitions, he could fulfill them as an independent voice on council.

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