Jan 3, 2014

Allentown Weather Forecast

Expect chairs in the street and angry neighbors. Smaller streets and alleys will see no service. Center city shoppers should expect no cleared parking spaces, but parking tickets continuing throughout the day.

Auburn Street train tower, 1964


Mickie said...

Oh yeh, and the lazy man's plowing even on the regular streets: an aisle down the street and never come back!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to propose a new slogan for the city:

"Allentown - we don't plow snow, we don't have enough police, we get grants to tear out rail beds and more grants to put rail beds back in, we sell our water/sewer system without a plan on how to handle street duties without those 50 guys, and we have a great plan to burn trash and lose $200 million while we're doing it.

But we got hockey and a Chickie & Pete's.

Come on down!"

Anonymous said...

I have received parking tickets for exceeding the time limit on days when my car was covered with snow. Not only that but it was the only car on the streetwith hardly any traffic at all. But the show must go on in Allentown. Someone has to cover all of the glossed over losses.