Oct 9, 2012

Roast Big Bird

The Obama Campaign, realizing that the public is no longer mesmerized just by his empty oratory performances, today insulted the voter's intelligence. In a new commercial featuring Big Bird, Romney is depicted as supporting notorious Wall Street embezzlers, while being against the beloved Sesame Street Character. I believe as the polls narrow, the Obama Campaign will sink to historical lows in negative advertising.


Anonymous said...

Obama is proving the old point that when you can't win on your ideas (or your own record), the only thing you have left is attacking your opponent.

Once again, Obama is talking in half-truths. Yes, Romney does want to cut funding for PBS. But Obama then twists that into supporting Wall Street embezzlers, as you note.

The problem for Obama is that this one is more difficult to twist. Millions of people tuned into the debate, and heard what Romney said from Romney himself.

This might be the wake up call needed for many to understand how the devious Obama spin machine works. He's fast losing any credibility he had left.

RS said...

They'll have to dig pretty deep to beat the Rs' record lows.

Anybody think that the Ds will ask for Rommey's birth certificate or make something up about Rommey being a Moslem?

Regardless of what the Ds do, at least they don't have Trump on their side.

Anonymous said...

Oh the horrors of Hasboro or Mattel having to (gladly) sponsor Sesame Street! Obama gotta go!

Anonymous said...

Michael, we've seen nothing yet. They'll soon start attacking the Mormon religion.

michael molovinsky said...

@5:15, i don't doubt your prediction, but no more comments on romney's religion will appear on this post.

Bill Coker said...

Obama was challenged for the first time and failed to meet it. He had to answer in longer sentences than ad snipets and couldn't do it. He apparently didn't understand his own position enough to explain it thoroughly.

A big win for Romney which everyone recognized.

Anonymous said...

They always use Big Bird to defend public broadcasting. There are channels very interested in Big Bird . Oh but there will be advertising, as if the kids never see it now. It's not going to destroy the educational value of the Big Bird if Mattel runs ads.