Oct 8, 2012

The Horrors Of Blogging

It seems that blogging may not be for the thin skinned. Few blogs that have started in the Valley remain for the long haul, especially as a regular venue, whether daily or even weekly. Most of the feedback or comments received by bloggers are anonymous. Although people do not want to reveal who they are, they are not bashful with either their questions for the blogger, or slurs about other people. The slurs end up being associated with the blogger. We even have bloggers that are anonymous. Today, the blogger known as LVIC defended his anonymity. He produced a video which claims that the Disciples Matthew and Luke also never revealed their last names, yet, they're read and appreciated. All LVIC wants for Christmas is a comment or two. Me, I keep thinking of Clark Gable; Frankly dear, I don't give a damn.


LVCI said...

LMAO-- Michael here you are posting about my blog in which I gripe about not receiving comments. At the time I'm typing this, your post has been up almost 14 hours and no one has left comment here either about LVCI. As Larry The Cable Guy would say, "I don't care who ya are, that's funny right there".

On the internet when someone blogs or post a video and it takes off with a whole bunch of people reading or watching, it is said to have gone "viral". It seems whenever I post anything a whole bunch of people DON'T. Therefore I'm confident that I offer an excellent example of what an anti-viral post should look like. I'm hoping to soon be featured in instructional videos, books and documentaries that feature how NOT to use the social media. Hey at least that would attract attention. How ironic!

Ever walk into a room and the whole room gets quiet?
Yeah well, it's something like that. Nah, on second thought... It's exactly like that. :-)

monkey momma said...

I just think it's weird to have an entire post dedicated to how much you don't care about something. I really don't understand why LVCI is left out in the cold.

But hey, it's your blog...the subscription price is right!

michael molovinsky said...

momma, i care about blogging, it takes somewhat of a commitment to produce everyday. i don't get hung up on the amount of comments i get.