Jun 7, 2010

On The Waterfront

Many consider the 1954 classic, On The Waterfront, the best picture ever made. The history of the film is interwoven with the realities of that era. The screenplay, by Budd Schulberg, was loosely based on a Pulitzer Prize winning expose about organized crime on the docks. The film's director, Elia Kazan, had testified at the House Un-American Activities Committee, naming a few associates who had attended meetings with him years earlier.

In the film, Marlon Brando, is slowly convinced to testify against the crime boss who employed him. Kazan and Schulberg insisted on realism for the production. The movie was shot in black and white on the docks of Hoboken. Bodyguards of the crime boss, played by Lee Cobb, were actual former heavyweight fighters.
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