Jun 8, 2010

Transportation in the Valley

Two of my fellow bloggers currently have posts on subjects near and dear to me. Andrew Kleiner, from Remember, documents cars driving on the new Cedar Park Drive. Who would have guessed? Only the naysayers.

The blog known as Lehigh Valley Clancularius, examines what Easton's Sal Panto can't accept; Perhaps New Yorkers won't take a train to come see the Al Bundy Museum.

photo of Pawlowski/Weitzel Drive courtesy of Remember
photo of the Panto Express courtesy of Clancularius


Michael Donovan said...


I am going to check in this morning to see when vehicle barriers (which I assume are in the plans) will be installed.

Thanks to you and Andrew for letting us know.

Michael Donovan

ironpigpen said...

Ha Ha

Cars driving on roads.


Sure hate to end up looking like a donkey...

If the vehicle barriers are not in the Plans, then there is a first cost overrun.

Who would have guessed a government project going over budget?

Man, this post is shocking!


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Cars already drving on Cedar Beach Parkway's newly installed blacktopped pedestrian friendly non-red light nor speed bump installation highway?

Anonymous said...

Who gets to be sued should a pedestrian be hit by a car?

Anonymous said...

We can't wait for the blacktop to hit Lehigh Parkway where the cars are sure to be a hit as they speed past babies, horses, dogs, a cat or too, and tons of those pesty things called runners.

ironpigpen said...

Saturday...in the Park...

A lovely day for a drive on Wetzel Way then.

(it's a proper street, it should have a proper name)

Will you help the Progressives change the world?

Can you dig it, Mr. Molovinsky?

The Bulldozer can.

It is, after all, the City With NO Limits!

Anonymous said...

We like Councilman Donovan, but can he seriously feign surprise at blacktopped roadways in a park being utilized by cars? Come on!
And, what does he mean by vehicle barriers? Are we to expect
ugly saw horses or cement barriers in front of all park entrances like they've used on Ott St., That sure sounds attractive.

Anonymous said...

Not sure city can install
"vehicle barriers" per Councilman Donovan. Wouldn't they also prevent ambulances and firetrucks from emergencies? Even if the city installs those black posts that lock in place, how would an emergency vehicle be able to access a key in time to put out a fire or save a life? Maybe someone here has an answer? If so, thank you.

ironpigpen said...

So where just exactly are all these cars (note, plural) that are posted here and at Kleiner's blog going anyway?

To the powerful Bicycle Lobby to thank them for their wonderful refreshments and all their support for the Trail Network Plan?

To Mayor Pawlowski's office, by any coincidence, to make a campaign contribtuion?

Or, perhaps, it is some out of town big-wig on his/her way over to Park Director Greg Wetzel's office to check out an updated resume and with a lucrative job offer?

Inquiring minds want to know!

(Attention Bureaucrats - you deserve every bit of this bombardment)

Does anyone happen to know if the "vehicle barriers", guaranteed to be an aesthetical abomination (which is a perfect symbolic fit for the whole foolish project), WERE actually included in the Plans.

Or has the FIRST cost overrun exposed itself ALREADY?

michael molovinsky said...

an emergency vehicle could simply drive on the grass around the barrier. the fact that people are confused enough to drive on these paved paths shows how inappropriate they were for our park. shame on the park department and shame on trexler trust, a true outrage.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Thank you for explainuing to us those barriers and emergency calls. If we understand this issue, and we can be wrong, doesn't Cedar Beach Park area still have large expanses of open green meadows that easily although illegally be accessed by car if one wanted to? We ask because we have seen cars drive in other parks on grass areas where signs clearly state "no motor vehicles". We suspect cars will drive on the grass at Cedar Beach to get to those blacktop areas.

Anonymous said...

Cars will not be the issue, motorcycles and ATVs will. Many with drunken riders who think it great fun to cruise around the park.

Little boys with their toys who will do it simply because "they can".

Yes this is already happening and when the perpetrators are asked to leave by community members, the community members are verbally abused.

Perhaps we should allow hot dog carts into the park for these "moto fests" that will invariably siege the park system through this simple twist of the law of unintended consequences.