Dec 2, 2007

Monster is generous

Resident Allentown Monster Frankenstein, aka, Allentown Parking Authority, will share its spoils in the form of an annual wage increase of 7% for the next three years. In return workers will have to pay something toward health insurance if they choose the premium policy option. This creature writes over 100,000 tickets at year and still has meters as far out as 10th and Chew, five blocks beyond the closest store. The "Authority" is a blatant nuisance tax against Allentown's poorest residents.


Anonymous said...


What our your thoughts around South Whitehall's decision to enact a $52 emergency services tax on people who work in South Whitehall Township?

michael molovinsky said...

i'm not familiar with the transition in south whitehall from the $10opt to the $52e(m)ts. i believe that cetronia and woodlawn provide both fire and ambulance service, so it would appear to be just a back door tax increase. i know of one current watchdog on the school board(david kennedy), otherwise i believe the township gets a free pass on scrutiny.

michael molovinsky said...

anon, i had an opportunity to catch up on my newspapers and read about the budget in southwhitehall. i give them some credit for proposing the scale back on the per capital tax(just a proposal so far), but will hold back on the trophy for no tax increases. Their tax base has grown so affluently since 1991 that perhaps there should be reductions in millage. apparently it was not necessary to enact that $52 est and generally dislike the tendency of government to jump on bandwagons with taxes and ordinances.