Dec 5, 2007

Lanta gives Coal

Despite the media attention yesterday, I'm afraid Lanta gave the merchants a piece of gift-wrapped coal for Christmas. The main concentration of stores on Hamilton Street are between 7th and 8th. These merchants were dependent upon the transfer stops located there and around the corner. The bus riders would shop while waiting for their connecting bus, and could always take the next, if they missed the first. The circulator bus failed, because it was not convenient to ride from the Lanta Transfer Station to Hamilton Street, and then back again to the station, to purchase an item or two. A Lanta board member stated he is not sure its Lanta's responsibility to appease the merchants. I would think it is Lanta's mission to care about the riders, and Hamilton Street provided them with a convenient, affordable shopping venue. The new announced Lanta bus stops on 7th and 8th streets are not transfer stations; more troubling, they do NOT include the routes which provided the most shoppers for the affected merchants, the routes which go to the east side, A, E and G. I do not relish appearing ungrateful for accommodations being made by Lanta, but I believe the survival of the Hamilton Street merchants is more important for the community than the fullest utilization of the Lanta Transfer Station.

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