Dec 1, 2007

Low Class Lanta

Yesterday, Mayor Pawlowski rode the bus. "We have great transportation for a region of this size. Right now, the bus is confined to people who don't have the opportunity to own a car,'' he said, ''but how do we make it attractive for middle-class folks like myself to use it?''
Perhaps have two separate bus lines based on class? Perhaps move the current low class users off Hamilton Street?


Dottie said...

When I read that quote this morning I nearly spilled my coffee! I had a feeling you would blog about this. I think the mayor put his foot in his mouth here. I was thinking of starting a blog about classism because it is so prevalent in our society. Well, at least he is going to try to ride the bus once a month. Maybe he should try to have his business lunches at House of Chen once a month.

michael molovinsky said...

i could accept the classist statements, i never ride the bus or aspire to, however what comes through is that pawlowski feels the bus riders and the upgrading of hamilton st. are not compatible. these lanta transfer stations are just optional projects if they finance a bigger picture; the riverwalk project in easton demonstrates that, lanta will not build a station on its own. here in allentown it was used to help the parking authority finance a new parking deck. both lanta and the administration have been less than candid about the agenda for allentown.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Terrific post!


There is an ever-increasing divide anong the "haves," "think they haves," and "have nots." Start that blog!