Jul 2, 2024

Weekend At Biden's

In fairness to the Bidens and the DNC, it has only been a few days since Joe's blank stares. The next day they paraded him out with a short jog for a telepromter speech, which he read with some vigor. The Yellow Dog Democrats ate up those Biden treats. 

But who is to blame for masking his condition for so long? Is it Jill Biden or the Democratic Party? Then again, who is the Party? After all, Lara Trump is now the RNC. If the CNN debate hadn't occurred, would his mental acuity even be an issue?

Those who visit the White House on a regular basis, like Chuck Schumer and members of the cabinet, must have been aware of the President's decline. Biden's family is supposedly mad at his advisors, presumedly for allowing the debate.

The debate turned out to be a revelation, which apparently nobody associated with Biden thought the public needed to know. 

If Biden steps away from the campaign, Gavin Newsom appears to be the most viable candidate to take his place, assuming that they can gracefully push Kamala aside. At best, the attempt to foist a declining president on the public is a blemish on the Democratic party.

You must be at least thirty-five years of age to run for President, perhaps there should also be an exit age.


  1. This shows the inherent weakness of the Democrats penchant for identity politics.

    What's wrong with Kamala Harris? She's female and east Asian. Two different minority groups in the Democratic diversity tribe?

    Gavin Newsome is a white male. A WASP.

    He goes against their tribal penchant for DEI.

    Not to forget to mention California has the most number of people exiting the state due to his policies as Governor .

  2. Many know and knew that Biden was not capable of this job. There have been many indications and even comments by foreign leaders. This farce has not only soiled the democrat party, but the country.
    Many believe that this is the third term of Obama and his pals, after all, the cabinet is mostly his former cabinet. If that is the case, many in Washington also know this. I don't believe Jill Biden is running the country. It looks like they may attempt to place the blame for this on her..

  3. anon@4:50: It now seems as if the wagons are circling around Biden, with Kamala being the heir apparent, only if necessary, perhaps in Biden's second term. Their premise is that a diminished Biden is better than a dictator Trump. I expect to see Biden reading a short teleprompter speech on a regular basis, like yesterday on the court ruling, but never taking questions.

    1. What we saw last night was the angry old man upset that the Supreme Court stopped the "Lawfare" by the Democrats against Trump. Biden now has nothing to run on, since he can't tout the economy, getting us involved in multiple wars overseas, his open border policies or draining the Strategic Oil Reserve

      Now Biden and the Democrats have put a big target on the justices of the Supreme Court, politicizing it to go along with the radical Left's policies or be attacked with proposals in Congress to expand it to 15 justices so the court is packed with leftist justices.

      For years, the Democrats have used the judiciary to seat leftist justices to obtain court rulings for things they knew could not pass in the Congress or even in state legislatures.

      Having the Supreme Court turn against them twice this week by conservative justices has pushed the Left over the edge in sanity, with musings that if Trump is elected, he would send Navy Seal Team 6 to assassinate his political opponents and other nonsense like that.

      The ruling that really matters however, and puts a stake in the largely Democratic Federal bureaucracy is the Chevron decision, which limits unelected bureaucrats from writing regulations with the force of law that are not passed by the Congress. This stops the federal agencies, controlled by the President, from essentially writing laws not passed by Congress. Hamstringing the Left in implementing their agenda.

  4. “Their premise is that a diminished Biden is better than a dictator Trump”

    Isn’t it funny that yesterday Democrats, including the President of the United States, attacked the US Supreme Court for rendering an opinion on a matter of law and questioned its legitimacy because it didn’t reach the outcome they wanted? The President also went to the extreme step of commenting on the effect that the ruling might have on the speed of the trial against his main political opponent, on charges being brought by an illegal special prosecutor in the Justice Department he (the President) controls.

    And yet the democrats want us to believe that Trump is the dictator? Right.

    After seeing so many democrats seemingly shocked by Biden’s cognitive abilities at the debate, one has to wonder if they and other voters will realize Biden’s reported competency was just one of many false narratives the democrats and their willing accomplices in the media have been selling us.

    I’d like to think so, but too many people seem willing to compartmentalization the competency lie instead of spending a moment to have an original thought and question the many other “truths” they’ve been told.

    1. It should be obvious, even to the most loyal Democrat voters,
      their party’s overzealous attempts to operate our nation outside the limits set upon government by our Constitution, that Democrats have made a total mess of America that could take many years to clean-up.

      Why on Earth would any clear thinking, fair minded citizen endorse these Democrat Party actions by voting once again for another four years of this behavior . . . . regardless of whose name is listed as their Presidential candidate?

      Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsome, Michele Obama, Taylor Swift, you name it. It’s the policies of that party that have done the damage. Actual citizens shouldn’t want more from this crowd no matter who it picks to carry on.

  5. First Lady Jill Biden is visiting the valley today and will be appearing with Susan Wilde. Both of these ladies have gas lit all of us by repeatedly claiming Joe was fine, never sharper, and full of vim and vigor. They both lied to all of us. Clearly it was a mistake to believe them, now we know we should never trust them ever again.

  6. As a Democrat, I'd never vote for Newsome. I'm more in favor of someone like Pete Buttigieg or Gretchen Whitmer. Surely the entire country can see what a mess complete and total hot mess California is....I think Trump would kill Newsome in such key battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin etc.

  7. The courts immunity ruling gave Bidens' handlers a perfect excuse to put him at a podium with a relevant announcement, involving his opponent no less. If he knew what he was reading, or what it meant, is anybody's guess. I personally found the ruling reasonable.

  8. MM, you ask: "But who is to blame for masking his condition for so long? Is it Jill Biden or the Democratic Party?" It is both, but also the media whores who have been denying these infirmities for months...even years. They all claim to be 'inside' Biden world" but never saw this?

  9. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Biden is dependably engaged — and many of his public events in front of cameras are held within those hours. Outside of that time range or while traveling abroad, Biden is more likely to have verbal miscues and become fatigued according to his staff.

    I'm glad to know that our enemies won't be sending nuclear missiles at us after 4pm or before 10am.

    Presumably that is US Eastern time zone.

  10. Just as Allentown City Solicitor Susan Wild never knew anything illegal was going on in Pawlowski's pay-to-play administration, so now do none of Biden's handlers, including his wife Doctor Jill, know anything about his cognitive inabilities. Democrats practice the dogma of blind faith while our democracy withers.

  11. Anyone with a 401K knows that Biden accomplished stabilizing the economy without a recession. But between our wild spending, rather than saving, and corporate greed, enormous corporate officer salaries and overpaying school administrators, we still have some inflation to deal with. I see that many people who are living paycheck to paycheck are driving cars they really can’t afford, and buying things that hint at large disposable incomes— then blaming Biden for the price of eggs, or gas for the suv. Learn how economics works. I fear Baden’s accomplishments will be forgotten, but I agree that he can best serve his country by stepping aside. Kamala doesn’t inspire confidence on her own- she’ll need bigger guns. Where’s Amy Kobuchar?

    1. Yes, I get it, all the suffering is our fault not Biden's he done a fine job, things would have been much worse without his fine leadership. Only an anonymous poster would write such a thing.

    2. First of all, this household has two, very large IRA and 401(k) balances. This is of no fungible value until it is SPENT.

      If you are already taking RMD, your loss in purchasing power under Joe Biden has been reduced (in reality) between 16-20%. Reduce that even more if a Biden eliminates the present Trump tax cut.

      Add to this an uncertainty throughout the world due, in part, by American foreign policy and the possibility of a negative market reaction, we are choosing to remain tentative about four more years of Biden.

      I will continue to believe we will all find greater security with a different administration in Washington.