Jul 3, 2024

Demented And Deranged.

Forgive the hyperbole, I don't really know if Biden is demented, or if Trump is deranged. I do think that Biden is suffering from cognitive decline, and that Trump's approach is too simplistic for today's world.

I believe that if Biden simply had a bad night last Thursday, he would have by now held a press conference, taking real questions from real reporters, whoever that may be.* 

Trump's statements about Ukraine, Gaza and NATO give me no confidence that he is prepared for another presidency. If his behavior January 6th, (2021) is deemed criminal or not, it doesn't meet my definition of presidential. 

* Real questions from real reporters isn't something I still take for granted. Chris Cuomo on NewsNation gave Biden a pass Monday night, by a long winded soliloquy that both candidates are flawed, but that's the hand we voters are getting this November. I believe that Biden will be interviewed, but if the questions are extremely softball and rehearsed, the sham only increases.


  1. I cannot think of a serious candidate on the Democratic roster. This is the natural result of of their policies of symbolism over substance. Socialism inevitably lowers the standards until things just fall apart.
    Trump has been embraced by many because they tired of the election promises that evaporated the day after the election.
    Many believe he is sincere in doing what he campaigns on, It is obviously an almost insurmountable fortess in Washington.
    It is unlikely that anyone can change the present entrenched order.

  2. Hold on, ABC and George Stephanopoulos are going to try and resuscitate the Biden campaign with a big exclusive interview! No doubt done from 10:00 - 4:00, with pre-rehearsed questions provided and teleprompters.

    1. Real questions from real reporters isn't something I still take for granted. I don't think that Stephanopoulos ever purported to be a reporter. I suppose the >i> production will give his campaign some cover, but it's certainly not a hardball press conference.

    2. Stephanopoulos is the LEAD anchor of ABC's top political show: he's not a real reporter? Was Russett not a real reporter because he previously flacked for Moynihan and Cuomo? He's also the guy who trashed every woman Clinton ever abused.

    3. Josh@9:24: If Biden was willing to take just a couple questions from the press corps it would have credibility. As for the ABC show, I'm very skeptical...especially with an excerpt on Friday, and the full interview not until Sunday.

  3. Mike, This election is now about far more than Biden vs Trump. What many people discovered last Thursday was the undisputable fact that the media, the Democratic Party, and their local and state Democratic elected officials have been gaslighting them about Biden's cognitive decline for at least the past three years. In short, they are a bunch of liars, for many voters this truth has now become and issue in the upcoming election, right up there with open borders, ten million illegals, high inflation, constant war drums,...It will be interesting to see how this new dynamic plays out. The Democrats have been caught in a huge lie and painted themselves into a very uncomfortable corner. This is now The News. This is far more exciting than a routine presidential election with the kicker that the culpable media will be forced to cover their own scandal. Meanwhile Trump is no longer dominating the news cycle, he is wisely keeping his mouth shut and focusing on his campaign. Perhaps he is demonstrating to the voters that it is never too late to wise up. See the ray of sunshine in that, grab the popcorn and enjoy the show. I know I am.

  4. Have the media ever been honest? We know they lie on a myriad of subjects, but are they ever truthful, or is it always a baseline of BS?

    Journalists have one job — objectively reporting the facts — and they failed to do this for years until circumstances forced them. They’re all puppets, so it doesn’t matter who is at the top of the ticket. The media are vulnerable now because they’ve been exposed as liars to the entire country.

    Anyone paying attention, and unwilling to accept the lies from the media, could easily see the Biden decline in real time. It was right in front of us every day. Even worse, the “Journalists” on the scene would have witnessed it up close and been perfectly aware of his condition. Yet it was covered up, like every other lie from the media over the past decade, in a few cases with a “conspiracy theorists” insult kicked in for good measure.

    Everyone they were lying to learned the truth, so now they’ve had to scramble and pretend they suddenly saw this themselves and instantly decided that Biden had to go. But we’ve all seen similar examples in the past. The Biden debate debacle was somewhat worse, and the split-screen didn’t help, but it wasn’t that big of a revelation.

    This is why I asked the question: have the media ever been honest? If those same sources were lying about Biden, then can you trust them on anything else? If they were lying about Biden, their explanations for inflation and the illegal invasion are also under suspicion. Then the rest of the lies start to disintegrate. That is why the Democrats are “aggressively panicking.”

    1. The media in my 67 years has never been completely honest but they were not as universally blatant and unabashed about their corruption, partisanship, and dishonesty as they are now. Scott Armstrong

  5. I prefer to deal in the ‘here and now.’ To consider the options put before me NOW, not what might be later, Our nation now is in a precarious position. We have already been seriously injured by misguided, even intentionally harmful, actors who are in positions of control.

    We need different people to come in NOW, and hopefully reverse the decline. As I write this, we have 2 choices in deciding who shall put together our next administration’s governmental policies and departments. Biden or Trump, that’s where we are now.

    This choice is too critical to merely vote against someone because we don’t like his personality, his demeanor. The decision is not to please the taste of any one of us. This is to determine which candidate is most capable and most likely to bring about improvement to EVERYONE’S future. This is not simply a beauty contest!

    Good grief! Donald Trump is the best option of these two candidates.

    Even a replacement for Biden will come-up short to Trump in terms of experience, preparedness, and effectiveness on a global level. No matter who one might suggest as Biden’s replacement can bring to the table what we need NOW.

    It’s time for Democrat voters to face reality. Most Americans (some claim 75% of us) want different people at the controls of our government agencies. America needs fixing, and America needs it NOW!

    Anyone who can’t possibly vote for Trump because of their personal taste for his personality could do our nation a favor by sitting this one out or writing in the name of a different Democrat to become President.

    In my opinion, however, even if your alternate Democrat choice becomes officially printed on the ballot, he/she does not measure up to what Trump can accomplish in reversing the tailspin we find ourselves in NOW. Four years, eight years out, can wait.

  6. anon@7:56&8:19: Glad to print your opinion, but understand that I won't keep hosting repetitive comments.

  7. Well, I’m 8:19 and not 7:56. Those posts are not from the same person. Just to be clear. You can certainly post/not post whatever you choose. As for me ((8:19) my posting here will go on leave until after the election.

    1. pardon me, sometimes you anonymouses look and sound alike

    2. Just a comment and not necessarily for posting:

      I am neither 8:19 nor 7:56, but I don't see the comment I posted a little before 10 am (about Trump being "too simplistic"). Maybe I got mistaken for one of the others as well.

      I agree that sometimes the anonymouses look and sound alike, but maybe there's just a lot of people that feel similarly on certain issues.

      Anyway, didn't there used to be a way to post under a name you could add at the time we posted our comments? That was a way to still remain anonymous and add some clarity to the posts.

      BTW, I appreciate the content you generate, and imagine it has to be a grind to get something posted every day. This remains one of my favorite morning reads.

      Hope you have a good 4th of July holiday.

    3. 1. My first choice would be that people comment with a registered handle, using their own name, as I do.
      2. Second choice would be a registered pen name
      3. Third would be simply signing at end of comment, either pen name or real name.. michael molovinsky
      4. I do allow commenters to use the anonymous option, but you're correct in that I might mistaken it for the same person being repetitious, or just find it to similar to other anonymous posts to warrant posting.

  8. It appears that the Democratic dam is bursting and Biden's support is draining away fast.

    Amazing how one bad day can change everything. The BS from the Democrats and media can only be stacked so high then when it is exposed, it all tumbles away and the American public can see the emperor has no clothes.

  9. I really enjoy reading your column. Sometimes for the views on local government and news but also for the insight into the hard right mindset from the comment section. Their hatred of democrats makes me wonder if some of them had a bad experience with lefty "hippies" when they were children. Facts be dammed, some will never utter one accomplishment the left has ever made.
    Between the 2 candidates I would still vote for a head in a jar before voting for a divisive self serving wanabe dictator.
    Regarding some, like me, who post anonymous: I am looking forward to the day I retire and do not have to worry that my opinion may cost me my job and income to survive and can happily post my name without fear of retribution.