Feb 21, 2024

Israel's Dilemma Fighting Martyrdom

Rockets fired from inside Gaza City
During the second world War, the United States had trouble wrapping it's head around the kamikaze attacks. There is a similar situation occurring in Gaza. Israel is not targeting civilians; Hamas has placed their rocket launchers in civilian sites, with public approval. The rockets are fired from playgrounds and rooftops. As of Sunday, Israel aborted twenty five air strikes because their pilots reported seeing civilians near the targets. The leadership of Hamas has spoken in the past of jihad and martyrdom. They stated that they form human shields of women and children. Although urban rocket launchers and civilian causalities serve the purpose of Israel's enemies and distracters, Israel must protect its citizens. 

above reprinted from November of 2012 

ADDENDUM FEBRUARY 21, 2024:When Hamas attacked on October 7, 2023, butchering Israeli children and girls at a music festival, they knew full well that the Israeli response would be ferocious. As always, Hamas fired their weapons in Gaza from civilian locations, themselves placing their civilians in harm's way. Palestinian causalities have been enormous. Although world opinion quickly turned against Israel, they remain determined to destroy an enemy which will accept no co-existence. Many uninformed about the history of the conflict consider Israel an oppressor, some even accusing Israel of genocide. Some are predisposed to think the worse, others don't understand that some realities in this world leave few options.


  1. The Israeli Palestinian conflict is a real impossible situation. Israel cannot become an open nation as they would be overwhelmed electorally in one year. A two state solution is not going to change the situation. It would just create a hostile state on their border.
    We see no viable solutions, the best would be to create a palestinian state removed from the borders of Israel. It would be a giant undesaking, but there is no other viable solution.
    I would expect that many people in the west bank and Gaza would jump at the hope of a new start, it needs to be offered to the citizens not to the designated governments of these areas.
    It could be a possibility and it would be in the best interest of all parties.

    1. Having a "hostile state on their border" is nothing new for Israel. Thus far the Palestinians are holding out for the destruction of Israel, aka "from the river to the sea".

  2. No rational person likes the loss of innocent life, and groups like Hamas have used that against Israel and their Western allies.

    But as the attacks in October proved, the opposite of war is not always peace, and Israel must now go to war and do what is necessary to remove the Hamas threat in Gaza.

    I wish that the Hamas criminals would let the truly innocent leave Gaza and stop using places like hospitals and schools as cover, but they won’t. Israel has no choice but to fight again for their survival.

    Israel didn’t ask for this battle, but I hope they finish it.

  3. Many young people are pro Hamas as a result of going to college or university. There they are taught the the new oppressor theory that those who have, have gotten what they have by exploiting those who don't. This is all related to Critical Race Theory. In reality, CRT and related theories, taught as fact, are neo racist theories that say economic outcomes have been. and continue to be based on race. In short, the lighter your skin, the more likely you are to be successful and thus an exploiter. Of course this theory is based on a complete ignorance of history but many doubt that facts were ever a concern to those who developed and proliferated this into all aspects of education, business and society. Long story short, those who are taught ignorance are applying this ignorance to every situation of conflict and injustice. Thus they foolishly and uncritically believe Israel is the guilty party, simply because they "have". As well, they are viewed as "white", confirmed guilt. Thus, Hamas is good, Israel is bad. Our public schools and institutions of higher learning are teaching students not to think critically, but to instead apply preapproved race based theories to guide their everyday thinking and determine guilt and innocence. Thus Hamas are the noble oppressed, and Israel is the brutal oppressor and must be punished. We must understand what is going on here, once noble and respected institutions have become squalid dens of indoctrination. Open a history book and see where this leads. It generally precedes every dark chapter of human history.

  4. It is nearly impossible to make peace with those who want to destroy you as a fundamental tenant of their nation.

  5. This is such a simple problem to resolve. All we need is for Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to welcome the Palestine refugees with open arms. But they have not and will not because they hold the "Palestinians" in low regard as humans. They are where they are for a number of reasons, one of which is to bring death to Israel. They are the useful idiots of the region (kind of like our corporate media). There is but one way for Israel to survive and that is continued military victory over Hamas. That Hamas uses civilian shields should be no deterrent as many of those "shields" harbor the same "death to Israel" sentiments as the very nations who will not grant the human shields refuge.

  6. I'm sure everyone has heard the demands for an immediate ceasefire along with the calls for Israel to halt any plan to take Rafah (and seal the defeat of Hamas).

    Mike - since you are adept at finding historical information to post, maybe you can track down the calls from the "international community" back in early 1945 demanding an immediate ceasefire and insisting that the Allies stop their advance on Berlin.


    Omer Bartov can be credited to be the first to come up with the G slur at the Oct 7 war. Which explains why longtine Israelophobe C. Amanpour promoted his rhetoric on Nov 15, 2023, and she anxiously asked him when the G word can already/finally be applied. That was long before Gaza's 'dead baby strategy' human-shields en-masse Hamas Jihadofascist regime sent it's allies in South African government to file at ICJ.


    On July 25, 2014 racist Francesca Albanese (who recycled antisemitic tropes in 2014 [TOI, 14.12.22; UNWatch, 6.2.23], her husband worked for Palestinian Authority [UNWatch, 29.3.22] and in 2023 had justified Arab Palestinian Oct 7 atrocities [NRO, 12.2.24]), uttered the PallyWeid G slur, by pushing dishonest sloppy "historian" [Benny Morris, 17.3 11] and inventor of fake quotes [Dexter Van Zille 24.2.12] and bigot [ADL, 14.5.07] Ilan Pappe's garbage.