Oct 27, 2022

Too Quick To Judge Superintendent

The recent Morning Call report on the firing of the Allentown superintendent was rather startling! 

The dismissal of the superintendent wasn't racist, but his hiring was!  

At the time of his hire, and that of his predecessor, school board members were saying that the superintendent should look like the students,  i.e., someone of color.... that was their main criterion.

Besides knowing that the dismissal was not racist, I have no insight on that actual decision. I do know that it is a tough job in a difficult district. I do know that discipline problems come in contact with the principal and his/her assistant. In my time, I was sent there so often that my shoes could find the way on their own. Despite all those trips, I never met or even knew who the superintendent was.

I would hope that the next hire is based solely on ability, and that the person is given enough time to prove their worth.


  1. This matter has played out in a most suspicious manner. It’s ridiculous for the protesters to claim the employment separation was due to racism, for sure. Two points in the discussion concern me most.

    One, a current Board Member claims to have no knowledge why the man was let go. That’s not good, if true.

    Two, the protesters have demanded a comprehensive audit of the School District’s handling of financing over the years. To me, this indicates a tip from someone close claiming misbehavior has been shown to exist for a period of time even BEFORE this man was hired. If true, why make that claim part of this employment termination?

    It’s obvious, there is something untoward being hidden from view. Taxpayers have reason to be concerned.

  2. My guess is that the firing has to do with the recent gun incident at Allen High School, and suspect that the Board was misled as much as the public about the fact that the incident happened in the school.

    Couple that with the fact that the Superintendent had appointed a new principal at Allen who was extremely unpopular with Allen parents, and the superintendent likely either went along with the deception or wouldn't hold the principal accountable for her part in the cover up.

    My 2 cents, for whatever it's worth.

  3. anon@6:25; In my era, a student petition against a principal would have indicated that she was doing a good job of discipline. Furthermore, there's no manual on how to handle a gun incident...nobody was hurt, which of course is the most important thing. In my opinion there may have been two balls against the new superintendent, but no strikes.

  4. At this point, a forensic audit will probably yield little information or insight into this issue, but it is "good press." Yes, it must be the white man's fault. Isn't it always at ASD? That one will never stop. Isn't it time for our more sanctimonious community leaders to exercise some restraint in their accusations, look at themselves, and quit blaming everything on race? It's called working together to overcome a problem. Yeah, like community, a novel concept. Find a way.

  5. I’ve taught in ASD for many years. I will tell you, confiscation of various illegal weapons, including guns, has been common for DECADES, particularly at Middle and High Schools. Just in my building, about a half-dozen such incidents per year. An effort is made to keep these instances quiet. I would swear to this claim being true in court.

  6. I can tell you the ASD in recent years has had a unwritten policy of not revealing any incidents to the media unless asked by the media. I was told by someone in the APD that there was a gun at Dieruff last year, the public was never informed. This time it was the DA who came forward with the truth. While I was on the board knives were found routinely and students suspended for 6 months to a year as a result. No real guns were found but several look alike toys were. Ask yourselves this question, as the ASD board is an executive board why did they not have anything to say about how the gun incident was handled? In recent years the board has given the supers a free hand to do as they please and provided little oversight of any budgeting or operations. As to the hiring of the Allen principal, the board approves every hire and certainly approved that one.

  7. One more thing, the state auditor general needs to conduct a thorough audit of the ASD's finances. The press should have done this when Parker was superintendent but choose to continue their happy talk reporting on everything Allentown.

  8. MM - If there's not a "manual" in ASD on how to handle a gun incident in today's world, there should be even more firings.

    Step 1 should be honesty and full transparency. I'm sorry, but ASD failed miserably on both counts with the incident earlier this year.

    Parents should have been informed that day about what really happened. It shouldn't take a week and reporting from a shrinking local newspaper for them to get the facts.

    If there are as many gun incidents as others are mentioning here, parents and taxpayers should know about it.