Jul 23, 2021

Morning Call's New Pet Pol

As somebody who has been trying to get a letter published in the Morning Call for five years, I was amused by a large picture of Mark Pinsley which accompanied his latest letter. Pinsley is a political opportunist, who runs for bigger offices, after just getting elected to a smaller one. Although no longer a South Whitehall Commissioner,  he still presides over their meetings, and was front and center at their recent new building ribbon cutting.

The reason that I was so amused is that the editor was recently touting the opinion page as a town square for various opinions. The reality is those opinions, for the most part, better conform with his, or there's no space at the page for you. This is Pinsley's second letter published within a month, and the paper even provided a link to the first one.

Pinsley just recently announced his newish political quest, state senator. With such an agenda, years ago the paper would have never run his oversized picture with his letter, which was actually just a campaign piece. 

With Ce-Ce tainted with bad judgement, Mark is now the new best in show.


  1. Many have decided the path to an easy life is with a government job. Little accountability, no long hours, nice pension and benefits. Then we have some who really don't even have enough skills for a regular government job and then run for some office. After all, 3 terms and then a lifetime pension and benefits.

  2. This Pinsky is a Progressives delight.

  3. Did the paper caution its readers that Pinsley has already announced he's running for state senate again?

    1. They did not, must have been an oversight on their part :)

  4. Did Pnisky hire Allentown City Councilperson Joshua Siegle ?

  5. Mike is that a picture of this person pinhead under the man's arm that looks like cousin it from the Adams family? The morning call is dead and should just pull the astroturf over itself to cover the land deal.